How to set up mailing in Cheapsender


Email mailing is a universal marketing tool that can be used to sell products of everyday demand and the most complex expensive services.

In this article, we will tell you how to set up an effective mailing on Cheapsender.

Why Cheapsender

Before proceeding to the review and configuration of the service functions, let’s talk a little about its features. The first is a trial period that is given to all new users. We understand that you may not like the functionality, so we give you a chance to live up to your expectations. You will have access to 100 letters that can be sent without any attachments, while the functionality of the service will not be limited.

The second feature is an extremely simple interface that even a child can understand. It takes you less than an hour to create a sales newsletter and send it to your first customers.

And the last thing is the cost. A package of 5,000 sheets can be purchased for only 70 rubles. Thus, 50,000 letters will cost you only 700 rubles. At the same time, it will not be necessary to pay for the services of a typewriter and designer, because there is a convenient designer, which we will talk about today.

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First steps

We’ll start our dive into Cheapsedner by getting to know the interface. To begin with, let’s go through a simple registration:

  1. Open the official page and click on the “Registration” button in the upper right corner.Cheapsender email mailing service registration
  2. Enter the name, valid e-mail address and password. Then click the “Register” button.Email mailing service Cheapsender registration window

Done, registration is successfully completed – now we have access to all the functions of the service, as well as the ability to send up to 100 letters for free.

The following sections are available in the personal account:

  • Main. Here you can get quick access to important functions – creating a mailing list and importing contacts.
  • Contacts. In this section, a list of mailing recipients is created, which can be created manually or downloaded from a CSV, TXT, XLSX file.
  • Templates. One of the most significant sections is where a mailing letter is created, which can be assembled from ready-made blocks or using HTML code.
  • My newsletters. This section is intended for tracking mailing statistics.
  • Packets of letters. The last tab is where you can choose and pay for the package of letters you need.

In addition to everything, you can ask for help in the Telegram chat, as well as read the documentation in the “Help” section.

Email mailing service Cheapsender personal account interface

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the interface, we can move on to setting up the newsletter. But before doing this, you need to connect the domain name from which the newsletter will be sent. You can read more about this in our documentation.


We create a list of contacts

Contacts are the users who will receive the newsletter. Go to the “Contacts” section and click on “Add contacts”.

How to add a mailing list to Cheapsender

Here we can add contacts in two ways – from a file or manually. Let’s go the second way and write down several addresses. Finally, click the “Continue” button.

Import contacts on the Cheapsender email service

In the “Configure fields” block, select “Email” and click the “Continue” button at the bottom.

    How to import contacts to Cheapsender

It remains to create a list of contacts, it can be called “Subscribers of the summer newsletter”. To do this, first click “Create a new list”.

How to create a list of contacts on the Cheapsender service

In the window, enter the name of the list and press the “Create” button.

Creating a contact list on Cheapsender

Almost everything – all that remains is to import registered contacts into the service. To do this, click on the appropriate button:

Import contacts to Cheapsender

To make sure that everything was successful, go to the “Contacts” section. The list we created should be displayed there, which contains 5 addresses.

How to view a list of contacts on Cheapsender

If we open this list, we will see all the contacts:

Editing your contact list in Cheapsender

Similarly, you can create several lists and add up to 10,000 contacts to them. If you want to delete one of the lists or contacts, you need to click on the checkmark located to the left of the name, then in the upper right corner click on the three dots and select “Delete”.

How to delete unwanted contacts in Cheapsender

The most difficult part is, now we can proceed to the registration of the mailing. We will talk about this in more detail in the next section.

We create a letter template

A letter template, as we have already said, can be created in two ways – manually or using HTML code. In the second case, you can’t do without a typewriter, so let’s go with a simpler, but no less effective method – get acquainted with the designer.

To create a template, perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the “Templates” section and select “Create a template”.Creating a template in Cheapsender
  2. The next step is to select “Create a template in the designer”. How to create a unique template in the Cheapsender email newsletter builder
  3. As a result, we get to the template designer, where all our further actions will take place. For example, let’s take a simple letter that would inform subscribers about new blog articles.
  4. First of all, it is worth understanding how the constructor works in general. To add any element, such as text or an image, you must create a block. There’s a whole section on the right-hand side for that. Blocks can be different – with one column, two, three, etc. The columns themselves can be placed randomly.Why Blocks in Template Builder at Cheapsender
  5. The number of columns depends on the letter. If you want to place two photos next to each other, get a block with two columns.
  6. In the case of our example, let’s select a block with one column where the header will be written. Just move the mouse cursor to the upper field on the workspace.How to add a new block in the Cheapsender letter builder
  7. Now we can add content – click the appropriate button for this. After that, various elements will appear in the right part. In our case, we will need “Header” – we move it to the workspace.How to create an email header in the Cheapsender designer
  8. Now let’s write a phrase, for example, “Congratulations, Dmitry!”. We will also edit the text a little – for this, in the right part, we will make the font size 26px and align it to the center. There are quite a lot of settings here, you can learn them yourself.How to center text in the Cheapsender letter builder
  9. In this section we can customize the text or any other element of the mobile version. To do this, select “Mobile phone” at the top. Here we can perform the same actions, but they will apply only to the mobile version. For example, let’s reduce the font a little – let’s make it 22px in size.Adaptation of the letter in the Cheapsender designer
  10. Similarly, we add a separator, a photo and a button at the bottom, by which users will be able to go to the blog. You can choose other elements – it all depends on what kind of letter you are going to send.Creating a mailing list in the Cheapsender designer
  11. Let’s talk a little more about the button. We can make it perform one of the following actions: open a website, send a letter, SMS or call a given number. In our case, we simply provide a link to the blog and also change its color to match the gamut of the photo. At the same time, we change the text to “Go to the blog” – it changes with a simple click on the button.Editing a button in the Cheapsender letter builder
  12. This newsletter is created, it remains to publish it. But before that, a few more useful functions: you can delete or duplicate blocks – for this there are corresponding buttons in the upper right corner.How to delete or duplicate a block in the Cheapsender letter builder
  13. We can also use the emulator, which clearly shows how the template looks in desktop and mobile versions. How to open the letter emulator in the Cheapsender designer
  14. With the help of these functions, you can create an effective and useful letter for subscribers. Do not be lazy and learn all the functionality – it will not take much time.
  15. When the letter is ready, it remains to set the name of the template and click the “Save and exit” button.

How to publish a template in the Cheapsender letter builder

You can create several similar letters for newsletters. All templates can be found and edited in the appropriate section.

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We are sending a newsletter

We will be sending out our first newsletter soon. For this, many things are ready – it remains only to perform a number of actions.

  1. Click on the “Create newsletter” button located in the upper left corner.How to create a newsletter in Cheapsender
  2. Select the previously created template.Creating a newsletter in Cheapsender
  3. Here we need to specify the subject of the letter, select the address and name of the sender.Cheapsender instructions on how to create a mailing list with your own hands
  4. Select the previously created list of contacts and press “Continue”.How to create a newsletter in Cheapsender example
  5. Click on “Send newsletter”. How to send a newsletter to Cheapsender
  6. And with the last click, we send the created letter.Sending a mailing in the Cheapsender service

Congratulations, you now know how to create newsletters in Cheapsender and send them to your established subscriber base. In the future, you will be able to track statistics in the “My mailings” section.


It takes no more than an hour to create and set up a newsletter on Cheapsender. To achieve the maximum result, you need to think through the marketing strategy in advance, collect the subscriber base and analyze the conversion.

We created our product for those who want to focus on the result and not spend a lot of time on implementation. Good luck!

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