A new procedure for accreditation of IT companies will apply in Russia


The Ministry of Digitization proposed amendments to the regulation on accreditation of domestic IT organizations. Now, only those companies whose revenue from IT activities is at least 30% can be included in the register, according to the department’s website. At the same time, companies will need to keep separate records of income.

Among other conditions of accreditation, the presence of a profile ZKVED is mentioned as the main one, as well as at least 80% of the company’s employees must have a salary level not lower than the average of the country.

Startups that do not have revenue, but invest in IT activities, are noted separately: they will additionally need to declare the project being developed and the status of its implementation. At the same time, the company itself must be established 3 years or less before applying for accreditation.

The Department may refuse inclusion in the Register if the company was created as a result of reorganization, has direct or indirect state participation and is a state-owned company, a bank or credit organization, an insurance or telecom company, as well as a state or municipal institution.

We will remind you that earlier the Ministry of Digitization excluded more than 400 companies from the register, considering that the sphere of information technologies is not the main one for them.

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