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Commenting is one of the collaboration features in Google Sheets. Its advantage is that the author or any other user with appropriate access can leave notes on specific cells or a whole range of data. These messages will be available to other users who must take note of them or make appropriate edits.

In this article, we will consider all possible options for working with comments in Sheets.

Add comments to a cell or range of data

Let’s first stop at the main task and understand how to add comments. First of all, you must have access to the relevant table, but not as a simple viewer, but as a commenter or editor. If you are the author of the document, you don’t need to worry about it.

  1. Select the desired data range or one of the cells to comment. Right-click anywhere in the empty space. Select an item from the context menu “Comment”.Calling the corresponding form for writing comments in Google Sheets

  2. A form for entering a message will appear. Enter your comment in the space provided and click “Add”.Filling out the appropriate form for writing comments in Google Sheets

  3. You’ll see that the selected cells or ranges are now highlighted in a special color, and when you hover over them, your nickname is displayed as a notification that you’ve left your note. View the result after writing a comment in Google Sheets

Commenting on all other cells is also carried out, which can be done in an unlimited number.

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View all comments for the current document

With standard interaction with the table, not all comments will be immediately visible, especially if a specific person has already marked them as completed or you are their creator. In this case, there is a separate block on the site that allows you to view all the comments of the document that exist at the moment and manage them at your discretion.

  1. Pay attention to the following screenshot. You can see what the button on the top bar looks like, which you need to click to open the menu with all the comments.Go to view all email comments in Google Sheets

  2. Each of them has its own block. You can see the email on which the note was left, the time it was sent, the content, and the person who created the comment.View all email comments in Google Sheets

  3. If you make sure that each reminder is completed, check them off as you complete them.The button to execute the comment of the letter in Google Sheets

  4. In addition, you can mention the right person or leave a direct reply to the comment, which will be useful when working on the document collectively.Reply to a comment in Google Sheets

I note that any comment can be deleted or changed. To do this, on the right in each block there is a button with three vertical dots, clicking on which will open the corresponding menu. I will not analyze it in detail, since it is clear from the names of the functions what will happen when they are activated.

Mention a person in the comments

Finally, let’s deal with one more topic related to comments in Google Sheets. It is related precisely to the mention of other users with whom you are going to work collectively on this document. You can mention people either by full email address or by selecting matches from your contact list.

  1. Previously, mentions were made a little differently by adding a plus sign. Google has changed this feature and to add a person you must first put @. Then a list of recent contacts will appear. Start filling after with the address to filter out the unwanted results and find the right contact.Mention people in Google Sheets comments

  2. After a mention, a person will not only receive a message to his e-mail, but also when he goes to the document, he will see that the area with the comment is highlighted in a special color. If you made a comment as a task when mentioning it, you can add a video or specify the end date of the event. The addressee will see what is required of him and by what time.The result of mentioning a person in comments in Google Sheets

Since commenting is one of the basic functions of Google Sheets, in addition, I would recommend reading a larger instruction on how to work with this online service. In the article below, you will also find information on how to properly set up access to the document so that other users can edit the content themselves when making changes, as well as reply to your comments, as shown above.

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