Google will ban unexpected ads in apps


As well as the publication of programs that can mislead users and manipulation using VPN services. The company has published updated rules for developers, which will take effect by the end of 2022.

Advertising requirements – from September 30, 2022:

Here, the ban affected the publication of advertisements that users do not expect to see. For example, full-screen commercials that appear at the beginning of a game level, or interstitial ads that appear before an app’s loading screen.

Full-screen ads that cannot be closed after 15 seconds will also be prohibited (and only if they are explicitly allowed by the user for a reward, such as in-game, or do not interfere with viewing, may last longer than 15 seconds).

At the same time, advertising that does not interfere with users, as well as its monetization, will be allowed.

Ban on misleading applications – from August 31, 2022:

These are programs that can pretend to be another application, company or developer, mention the connection and refer to them, although they have nothing to do with them. For example, it will not be possible to use icons and names of other applications, as well as similar icons and state symbols outside of connection with state authorities.

Programs that mislead users by pretending to be someone else are prohibited


Programs that are falsely presented as official products of another company will also be banned. For example, with titles like “Officially from…” or “From the creators of…” without obtaining the appropriate rights to do so.

VPN restrictions – from November 1, 2022:

VPN services may not be used to collect a user’s confidential and personal data without notifying the user and obtaining consent. It is also prohibited to use a VPN to redirect user traffic from other applications to the device or manipulate traffic for monetization purposes.

All apps that use a VPN must comply with the Google Developers Program rules, encrypt data, and include appropriate mention on the app’s Google Play page.

You can read more about these and other requirements here.

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