Alice can now structure search results by topic


Voice assistant Alisa has learned to recognize the long-term interests of users in specific topics, and then to structure output in Yandex search accordingly. So, if a person periodically searched for information on a certain topic, the virtual assistant will catch this interest and provide all the information in a separate block so that you can return to it later.

Developers used several technologies to bind search sessions. The first is a classifier that determines the topic of a particular query. The second is a neural network trained with YaLM in mind and allows processing natural language. It is she who singles out similar topics and connects them together.

As reported in the company’s news section, the data was collected and structured on the basis of millions of similar requests from Yandex users. Thanks to this, Alice, based on the context, will be able to suggest what needs to be studied and what nuances to take into account. Alice will help in solving difficult issues


The virtual assistant will collect the read articles and materials in one place so that they can be easily found if necessary. A special section will appear in the Yandex application directly under the search bar on the main page. If desired, it can be deleted, and the request history can be cleared through the settings.

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