3D models of residential complexes under construction have been added to Yandex Maps.


Yandex Maps will now display 3D models of buildings under construction. It will help people choose an apartment, take a detailed look at the future house and evaluate its location, as well as understand how the area will change.

The buildings shown on the 3D models have not yet been completed, while on the map it will be possible to more accurately assess the future appearance and consider the details from all sides. You will also be able to find out how close shops and stops are located, what public transport runs, whether there is a road, parking and parks nearby. And there is also an opportunity to appreciate the view from the windows.

3D models of buildings will now be displayed in Yandex Maps

Image: yandex.ru

Yandex Maps Product Manager Kyrylo Novikov comments on the innovation as follows:

We studied the issue and found out that when looking for housing, people go to Yandex Maps in one way or another – to study the area, look at panoramas, to build a route to a new residential complex from their place of work or their parents’ house. The advent of 3D models will be a useful addition in this scenario.

As reported on the company’s news portal, so far five new residential complexes in Moscow have been uploaded to Maps. In the near future, the models will be supplemented with 20 more buildings in the capital and regions. All this can be viewed only in the web version of the map service. In addition, cards of residential complexes are available to people in Yandex Real Estate.

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