Who is a performance marketer and what does he do?


Performance marketing, also called “resultative marketing” is a concept of Internet marketing, where the key goal is to achieve specific, financially measurable results for a business in a short period of time.

Promotion on the Internet is not cheap, so clients are interested in specialists who are able to set up and optimize advertising campaigns in order to get the maximum return in the form of applications, new customers and sales.

In this article, we will understand who a performance marketer is, what skills he should possess. You will learn about the advantages of this sought-after profession and the courses where you can learn it.

What does a performance marketer do?

A performance marketer, using various analytical tools, monitors where traffic comes to the site, which ensures sales. The performance marketing specialist also finds out which visitors do not leave applications. Thus, cutting off non-target customers and attracting more potential buyers, he seeks to improve the effectiveness of advertising investments.

Let’s consider what a performance marketer does in more detail. The duties of such specialists include the following tasks:

  • A performance marketer implements promotion strategies, selects tools and channels of information distribution. Also, the duties of the employee include conducting an analysis before the start of the marketing campaign, which is carried out at each stage of the launch and conduct of events. The range of tasks includes the analysis of CA and main competitors with the help of special software.
  • The specialist prepares, configures and conducts advertising campaigns in the network.
  • An important part of the work of a performance marketer is interaction with the target audience, which is aimed at increasing the number of sales and increasing brand recognition. The employee analyzes the behavior of the target audience, searches for effective sales channels, works to strengthen the company’s reputation and increase its popularity.
  • Another duty is the formation of the advertising campaign budget, its allocation to various marketing activities, optimization of costs if necessary, as well as implementation of control over costs and determination of their expediency.
  • A performance marketer draws up a marketing campaign schedule and monitors the compliance of real indicators with planned ones.
  • A specialist must constantly look for creative solutions, use new techniques that will attract customers to social networks and the site, help increase traffic and increase sales.
  • The task of a performance marketer is also to develop ways of developing new markets.
  • In addition, to solve complex tasks during the implementation of a marketing campaign, the employee is engaged in the selection of personnel: copywriters, designers, programmers, etc., monitors their work and accepts the results.

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Skills of a performance marketer

To perform the listed duties, the specialist must have a number of professional knowledge and skills: be able to segment the audience, develop UTP, create a CJM (Customer Journey Map), conduct media planning.

A performance marketer must know how to set up contextual advertising in Yandex and Google, as well as targeted advertising in social networks, be on “you” with such analytics systems as Yandex.Metryka and Gooogle Analytics.

It is also necessary to be able to configure and work with call tracking and end-to-end analytics systems. An important skill is the ability to set up lead (request) tracking at the customer’s company.

Having experience in implementing CRM systems in sales, skills in drawing up reports, mastering Excel spreadsheets and Google spreadsheets will not hurt either.

A performance marketer should be able to formulate a starting strategy: set goals, analyze the market and competitors, determine the budget and key performance indicator – KPI. An understanding of advertising tools is required to attract target audiences and convert purchase requests. A specialist must understand advertising offices in order to be able to set tasks, monitor and accept the work of employees.

A performance marketing specialist must be able to organize work with the CRM system to generate repeat sales, have an idea of ​​how to calculate LTV (the company’s profit from one customer in the long term) and CAC (customer acquisition cost).

Also, the employee needs to have skills in working with analytical tools and determining KPI indicators: CPM – cost of thousand impressions of an advertisement or banner, CPC – cost per click, ROI – return on investment indicator, etc.

Professional skills of a performance marketer
If we talk about the personal qualities of a specialist, for a performance marketer such qualities as an analytical mindset, communication skills, the ability to work in a team, as well as management skills are important in the work. Responsibility, attentiveness, the ability to solve many tasks at the same time, stress resistance, self-control and creative abilities will help to achieve success in the field of performance marketing.

How to become a performance marketer

Performance marketing is a popular and promising direction, and the demand for such specialists is constantly growing. The advantages of the profession include:

  • high incomes – employees with experience can earn more than 150-200 thousand rubles per month;
  • representatives of this profession can work not only in the office, but also remotely, both as part of the company’s staff and as a freelancer;
  • work in the field of performance marketing involves many interesting tasks and excludes routine.

Vacancies of performance marketerA plus is that you can start a career in this field without specialized education.

Often people come to the profession from neighboring regions. Specialists in contextual advertising, as well as target specialists, director specialists or copywriters can independently obtain the necessary knowledge from open sources.

To learn a profession from scratch, it is better to take online training courses, and then practice the skills that are missing. Funds invested in training are often paid off quickly enough, since even a newcomer to the profession with little experience and a few good cases can count on a salary of about 70-80 thousand rubles per month.

For example, the online educational platform “Netologia” offers the “Performance marketer” course, which includes 91 hours of theory, 86 hours of practice and various formats of classes: webinars, video lectures, online simulators.

Also, the National Research University “Higher School of Economics” has a training program for managers and managers in the direction of “Performance marketing”. Training takes place over two months in an offline or online format.

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