How to become an IT recruiter from scratch: 15 main skills


According to the results of a survey conducted by the TalentTech company, in 2021, 33% of Russian employers faced problems with closing vacancies for IT specialists. In connection with the growing tension of the geopolitical situation and the mass outflow of IT people outside the country from the spring of 2022, the situation only worsened.

In the event of a shortage of personnel in the field of information technology, organizations usually delegate the routine duties of finding IT specialists to professionals. Therefore, now is the time to find out what qualities, skills and habits will help newbies in the field of recruiting to become an IT recruiter.

A brief overview of the IT recruiter profession

The IT recruiter is looking for specialists for companies for permanent or project work. Its functionality is similar to the duties of an ordinary recruiter. But it has one difference – in the process of hiring employees, you need to be well oriented in the IT sphere.

What is included in the job duties of an IT recruiter:

  • Designing a job profile.

  • Placement of vacancies.

  • Resume screening.

  • Conducting negotiations with customers and suppliers.

  • Acquaintance of candidates with future employers, clarification of the terms of cooperation.

  • Constant monitoring of the labor market situation.

It is worth noting that one of the difficulties of the work of an IT recruiter is to find suitable candidates not only on job resources, but also in monitoring thematic platforms of technical specialists (blogs, forums, groups in social networks and messengers).

Several channels where you can find an e-mail:

For example, the Lead IT recruiter of the company Lucky Hunter tells how she found two middle-level developers for a startup in the Telegram channel.

The profession of an IT recruiter, like any other, has a number of pros and cons. One of the advantages is an income higher than the national average. According to statistics, the average salary of an IT recruiter in Russia is 99,833 thousand rubles. And if a beginner can count on a salary of 53,000 rubles. per month, the incomes of advanced specialists are in the range of 133-197 thousand rubles.

Profession recruiter If you were impressed by the salary fork, pleased with the advantages and not scared by the disadvantages of the IT recruiter profession, we advise you to try your hand at this direction. Let’s consider what “soft” and “hard” skills will help master a new specialty.

First of all, we suggest getting to know the necessary personal qualities that will help you achieve success in your career. The general list of useful soft skills is quite wide. But at the start it is enough to pay attention to 5 main points.

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Personal qualities of an IT recruiter

  1. Objectivity. Impartiality is required when selecting candidates. She or, on the contrary, hostility towards the applicant should not act as a decisive factor when inviting the applicant to an interview.

  2. Operativeness. The shortage of IT people leads to the fact that cool developers are snapped up like hotcakes. To be the first to get a standing candidate, you have to act as quickly as possible.

  3. Attentiveness. It is especially important when screening resumes. A sharp focus on key competencies and relevant experience will help you not miss important points.

  4. Perseverance Preparation of vacancies and processing of resumes is quite a thorough job. Therefore, the position of an IT recruiter will definitely not suit those who prefer active activities to work in the office.

  5. Comrades For a successful start in the profession, you will need to develop communication skills. IT specialists are a difficult audience. They know their price, it is difficult to negotiate with them. Difficulties in communication also arise against the background of a heavy workload of IT users.

In order not to lose a class specialist, you will have to show flexibility and make concessions. For example, many developers get in touch later or agree to undergo a technical interview only on a paid basis.

Despite the fact that the necessary personal qualities will help you develop faster in the field of IT recruiting, soft skills alone will not get you far. To become a class specialist, you will need to master a certain list of professional competencies.

Professional skills of an IT recruiter

At the stage of entering the profession, you need to master the following “hard” skills:

  1. Analysis of the IT market. The field of information technologies is constantly developing: new programming languages ​​and professions appear, the list of skills of IT professionals is expanding. In addition, for the optimal organization of work, it is necessary to navigate in such indicators as demand, salary and competition.

  2. Fundamentals of programming. An IT recruiter needs basic knowledge and understanding of IT terms. This is the complexity of the profession. If you entrust the search for an IT specialist to an ordinary hiring manager, he simply will not be able to assess the level of compliance of the candidate with the conditions of the vacancy.

  3. Possession of sourcing tools. Most ordinary people search for specialists in Google. This way you can kill a lot of time and be left without applicants. In order not to have a nervous breakdown and to close vacancies faster, IT recruiters use special services to search for candidates automatically. For example, X-Ray and Boolean search.

  4. Creation of vacancies that sell. In the IT market, conditions are dictated and applicants are chosen. Therefore, you definitely cannot do without the skills of writing catchy ads.

  5. The ability to practically apply candidate evaluation methods. There are many requirements for IT professionals, which relate not only to hard, but also to soft skills. In order to evaluate the candidate according to all the key criteria, it is necessary to organize several tests for him at once. For example, values ​​interview, technical interview, aptitude tests.

In fact, the list of skills of an IT recruiter is much wider. This is just a so-called must have, without which further development in the profession is impossible.

Stages of IT-recruiter development

What habits will help you become an IT recruiter

In addition to key competencies, it will be useful for an IT recruiter to have a number of certain habits. Let’s figure out what manners will help to achieve success in the profession:

  1. The ability to keep one’s word. A person who, in spite of everything, fulfills his promise inspires trust. This is very important at the first stages of communication with candidates and customers. The need for a dependable specialist is growing exponentially.

  2. Think critically. The habit of looking at events and phenomena objectively will serve you well in your career. After all, it is important for an IT recruiter to understand which tasks are realistic to perform, and which are better to refuse. For example, if the customer wants to find a VR architect with 5 years of work experience and a salary of 70,000 rubles, the vacancy will probably remain unfilled, and you should not waste time on it.

  3. Finish what has been started. This habit saves in moments of despair, when nothing works and you want to leave everything. Unfortunately, such situations periodically arise in the field of IT recruiting.

  4. Track the results of your work. It helps to highlight perfect mistakes and understand how to avoid mistakes in the future.

  5. The desire for self-development. To succeed in your career, it is not enough to master a basic set of competencies. An IT recruiter needs training on an ongoing basis, attending thematic conferences and master classes, sharing experience with colleagues.

By developing the listed useful habits, an IT recruiter can not only improve the level of qualifications, but also develop a personal brand and achieve professional recognition.

How to start a career as an IT recruiter

Mastering the skills necessary for successful recruitment of IT professionals and starting a career is quite a difficult task. To immerse yourself in the profession, you need to go through a series of consecutive steps:

  1. Learn a profession. Theoretically, you can do it yourself. But it is best to sign up for specialized courses. Today, many reputable educational platforms (Yandex.Praktikum, Skillbox, GetIT) provide the opportunity to complete relevant programs.

  2. Make a portfolio. Even a novice IT recruiter has something to show. To make a good impression, it is enough to make at least a couple of cases from projects implemented during training.

  3. Create a cool resume. Special attention should be paid to blocks with experience, education and competencies. It is advisable to include 2-3 quantitative indicators in the questionnaire.

  4. Comment on vacancies. To receive an offer, it is recommended to leave feedback on all relevant vacancies. Newcomers are under close scrutiny. The more reviews, the higher the chances of employment.

The main thing is not to be afraid of difficulties. The profession of an IT recruiter involves long-term work. The lack of dizzying results at the initial stages is a normal practice in the field of hiring IT specialists. In order to reach career heights, you need to constantly upgrade your acquired skills, develop networking and believe in your own strength.

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