Yandex introduced two new metrics for evaluating media advertising

Yandex has added two new metrics to the Report Wizard – post-view and post-click conversions. They allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign from the point of view of business indicators and analyze what events took place during the period of its implementation.

The metrics are available as part of the new attribution model “Last impression from Yandex Direct cross-device”. With its help, you can find out how many conversions media advertising took part in.

Within this attribution model, two conversion metrics are available:

  • Post-view is specific events that took place on the site during the display of the ad or the user’s contact with the advertisement. This includes orders, calls and requests, excluding clicks. Moreover, these actions will be taken into account only if they were specified as targeted in the campaign settings.
  • Post-click represents the number of these targeted actions taken by users who once clicked on the ad.

The new attribution model and its metrics are currently available in the Report Wizard. Viewing statistics from them is available in media campaigns that started on May 12, 2022. To do this, you need to go to the “Last impression from Yandex Direct cross-device” attribution.

To start getting information about post-view conversions, you should first specify a Metrics counter in the campaign. All information on post-view and post-click conversions is provided only for fields related to visits.

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