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Discord’s main focus is still text messaging. However, you can listen to them instead of reading them with the help of language conversion through the built-in bot. This helps both people with special needs and those who have decided not to read a long message on their own, but simply listen to it.

Text-to-speech conversion

Let’s first deal with the main function and see how to translate a message into a language and have the robot play it back. To do this, first find the message and click on it with the right mouse button.

Selecting a message to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

You will see a context menu with a list of different actions. Among them you need to find “Read message” and click on this item.

Running a function to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

The playback will start immediately and you will be able to listen to the speech in the language in which it was originally written. In the same way, all other messages of the conversation are listened to. The only downside is that you have to play each replica separately.

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Acceleration of speech during message playback

The speed at which the message is read when converted is the only setting available in Discord. Now we will consider how to find it and significantly increase the reading speed if you constantly use this function and need to save time on listening.

  1. In the bottom user control panel, click the gear icon to go to settings.Go to settings to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

  2. Find the section “Special Features” and select it.Opening a section in settings to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the settings list and find the Text-to-Speech Speed ​​slider. Twist it a little to the right and use the button “Revision”to hear how fast the announcer is reading now. Set the appropriate value and close this menu.Choosing a playback speed to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

Automatically convert messages into language when sending

Speaking of conversion settings, let’s consider another command that will allow you to play the message immediately after sending, if the appropriate command is used while writing it. This will help you understand exactly what text you are sending, as well as listen to messages from other users who will activate this command.

  1. Stay in the same settings window as discussed above. In it, activate the text-to-speech function by moving the appropriate switch.Enable the command to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

  2. Close the settings and proceed to test the function. To do this, before starting to print the message, enter the command /ttsthen enter the content and send it.Using the command to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

  3. It will be played immediately, so you can listen to it and make sure that the function is working correctly.Testing the command to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

Change the announcer’s language

Unfortunately, in Discord, you can’t individually change the announcer that will read the message during conversion. By default, the same language that is installed in the program itself is selected. Yes, if the message is in English and your interface is in Russian, the announcer will still read it, but will say the numbers in Russian, and most of the words with a wild accent. You can fix this situation only by changing the language of the Discord interface, which is done as follows:

  1. Open the app’s general settings again, but this time select a section “Language”.Go to change language to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

  2. Put a marker next to the item with language selection. Immediately after that, the interface will be updated.Change the language to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

  3. Please note that Discord supports both British English and American English. You can choose one of the two if you prefer a specific accent when converting messages.English options are available to use Discord's text-to-speech feature

In this article, we have dealt with one of the features of the Discord application that can be very useful for certain users. I have shown all the available settings related to this tool. It is likely that this list may be expanded in the future and new announcers may be added, so stay tuned.

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