How to improve the communication process at work: 7 ways for a team leader


To begin with, let’s define who a team leader is. We wrote about what a team leader should be able to do here. There are many responsibilities, and even the job titles may be different.

In the Russian IT sphere, the team leader is no longer called: Team Lead, Lead Developer, Head of …, head of the group/team/direction and even “IT Leader”. And the responsibilities can be different – from leading a group of free-spirited programming masters to managing finances and coding on an equal footing with colleagues. However, communication with colleagues who now call you chief, boss or master is mandatory. why did you cry

That is why it is useful for team members to improve communication in the team in order to work comfortably on their own and help colleagues in this.

How to improve it, communication?

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Ensure the comfort of employees

“Any. Get rid of us already” – such a comment hangs under the article “How can you manage individual people in the development team?”. Soviet physicist Petro Leonidovich Kapitsa agrees with him: “To lead is not to prevent good people from working.”

Extra help and care is needed for the infirm and infants, but not for adults, who are already being sold alcohol without a passport. And unsolicited help violates personal boundaries and causes irritation.

Therefore, it is better to tell subordinates that the team leader is ready to help them in case of need. And, what is important, help not with the appearance of the suffering Middle Ages, rolling your eyes to your beautiful inner world.

Compare the real desires and capabilities of both parties. Perhaps instead of a new framework under the individual development plan, the developer wants double the salary for a vacation at sea or a vacation to go to Comic-Con in San Diego.

If you can combine these desires with the goals of the company, then the developer will have an additional meaning of cooperation. He will become more productive and loyal.


Communicate with employees and collect feedback

Talk to them in an informal, calm environment. By mouth and out loud. Speaking expectations and thoughts, preferably in a censored form, works wonders. You wouldn’t believe how many things people make up in their heads if there is no constructive dialogue. You can read the book “10 stupid mistakes people make” on this topic.

It is also important to collect feedback. And more often than not.

  • Remember that your work is being evaluated, not your personality.

  • Don’t take it as criticism, but as help.

  • Discuss the points you disagree with.

It will not be superfluous to study coaching in order to be able to ask the right questions. Also, for example, the “5 why” method helps.



And not only the task, but also the result. Clearly discuss and write down the criteria for each task in advance. And be ready to humbly accept a result that is uncritically different from the ideal picture in your mind.

Do not try to pull all the tasks on yourself. Unless you’re an ant-man who can carry 50 times his own weight. You must still have the strength to lead without bloodshot eyes and steam from the ears.

To delegate correctly, check:

  • The task must be clear to the executor.

  • The task should be broken down into small subtasks with a deadline.

  • Employees must understand and accept responsibility.

And for this you need to know your employees well.


Separate personal and official

Once at 3 o’clock in the morning, an employee called me and tearfully asked me to come with money so that his car would not be evacuated. He panics: I will work, I will cry. went But I learned the lesson: friendship is friendship, service is service.”

Another sad story from the Internet. It is clear that this is not easy, especially if the team leader is chosen from among the developers. And now it’s not Zheka, but Yevhen Evgenovich.

Keep your distance, do not allow pan-fraternity, treat employees and their personal lives with respect, do not label them.

The art of management is not to let people grow old in their position.

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Timlid, statesman


Help to grow professionally

Lack of professional growth is a frequent reason for dismissal of employees. Sitting in the swamp, doing the same tasks day after day is boring. The employee ceases to understand whether he is benefiting the company or whether everything is rotten. And this does not improve anyone’s mood. Therefore, it is important to help employees grow professionally and, if they wish, enroll them in advanced training courses.


To say the last “goodbye” and convey an opinion

There were bullies in every class who prevented the others from learning. But in order to stop subversive activities and expel such a student, it was necessary to try hard.

In the team, people who interfere with the rest of the work – are rude or disrespectful to colleagues – should be fired. They reduce productivity. Otherwise, competent workers will start to leave.

The problem is that the decision to fire or hire an employee depends not only on team members. Then it is necessary to clearly explain to the authorities that it is important and vitally necessary for the team to do this.


Write regulations

A good regulation is not a utopian description of the team’s work, but rules and requirements that are as close to reality as possible. They should be written accessible and easy to remember. It is possible and necessary to consult with employees when writing it.

The regulation is necessary so that employees firmly know the rules and regulations for resolving disputed situations, for example, in case of delay or failure of the deadline. After writing the regulations, you need to keep them in mind. You should not throw it in the far corner, it is not an institute diploma.

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Employees are the most valuable and important part of a team’s work. It is important to set up the right communication with them for the growth and prosperity of the company. But nothing happens immediately, everything takes time, strength and patience. And 30 drops of valerian.

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