VPN not working: possible causes and solutions


We analyzed the most common reasons why the VPN does not work. These can be problems both on the user’s side and on the provider’s side. Below you will find recommendations and solutions.

Check your internet connection

This is the most banal recommendation with which any instruction begins. But, probably, you also have a story when you tried for a long time to understand why the VPN did not work or the Internet connection did not work, and as a result, the reason was that the router was turned off.

Therefore, check that everything is fine with the Internet on the device with VPN.

Make sure that the provider is not having problems.

The network can go out not only at you, but also at the VPN provider. Problems of large providers become known very quickly, users massively write about problems in the company’s social networks or report on Downdetector.

With lesser-known VPN providers, things are a bit more complicated. But they should at least have a website. Check it just in case – maybe there will be useful information about the status of the service.

The answer to the question why the VPN does not connect can be found in the program’s logs, if it collects them and stores them on the device. You can usually find the log in settings.

Most of the information from the leagues is difficult to understand. But try to find clues in the recent entries. For example, if there are problems with authentication, the logs may say Authentication Failed. In this case, you need to check the credentials you use to connect to the VPN service.

The service has stopped working in your country

Problems with VPN can occur due to the blocking of the regulator or the termination of the service in the region. The only way out in this case is to switch to another program.

For example, Russian users can connect to the network using Unlocked. VPN. This program has a simple interface in which a secure connection is established by pressing one button.

VPN Timeweb

Alternatively, you can use the Tor Browser. However, it will be more difficult to install and configure than an out-of-the-box VPN app.

Try another server

If the VPN allows you to choose a server to connect to, try different options. A vantage point that you normally use may not be available. For example, due to the influx of users. There may be other reasons. For example, the physical servers that the provider used to run the VPN stopped working.

Typically, a VPN provider rents or buys servers in a country and then gives you access to them. However, if local laws make it difficult to manage or the cost of maintaining a physical server is too high, some providers use a virtual server instead. Such servers can appear and disappear very quickly.

Select another protocol

The protocol defines how the device connects to the server through the VPN. If there is an option to choose a protocol in the program settings, use it. For example, choose OpenVPN instead of IKEv2 or vice versa.

Detailed information about which protocols the program uses should be on the provider’s website.

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VPN protocols

Use a different network

If you started using a different network (for example, went on vacation and connected to public Wi-Fi) and realized that the VPN does not connect, then try changing the point. There is a possibility that the current network blocks the use of VPN.

Try another device

If there is an opportunity to connect to the VPN service from another device, be sure to use it. You can even use someone else’s account. At a minimum, you will make sure that the VPN itself is working. If there are no problems on the other device, you need to look for the cause of the failure on your device. First of all, in the network settings.

Check your account

Updated your password on one device and forgot to do it on another? Your VPN bill hasn’t been billed on time, and your reminder emails are getting sent to spam? Situations vary, so make sure your subscription is paid, you’re using the correct account, and you’re successfully logged in.

VPN update

Check if a new version of the program has been released. It may have fixed bugs that caused connection problems. Older versions are no longer supported, so if you haven’t updated in a while, it’s definitely worth doing.

Sometimes a clean reinstall of the program helps. To do this, you must first remove the VPN from the device, then install it and re-authorize.

Configure the connection manually

If the VPN in the application does not work, you can try to set up the connection manually. It will take a little more time, but you will definitely be able to find out if the service works in principle.

For example, Timeweb Private VPN offers a ready-made VPN configuration that can be deployed on any device in minutes.

Contact support

This recommendation is the last one on the list, because usually when contacting technical support, users are asked what they have already done to solve the problem. If you immediately write to technical support, the response will be approximately the same list of actions as indicated above.

However, sometimes it is useful to seek help as soon as possible. It is possible that support specialists will report problems on the provider’s side or immediately offer a suitable solution.

Briefly about the main thing

What to do if GNP does not work:

  1. Check your internet connection.

  2. Make sure that the provider is not having problems.

  3. Try another server.

  4. Select another protocol.

  5. Use a different network.

  6. Try another device.

  7. VPN update.

  8. Check your account.

  9. Contact support.

  10. Choose a different VPN service provider. We recommend that you take a closer look at the Unlocked VPN program.

Choose proven providers with good technical support. This significantly reduces the probability that at the most inopportune moment the VPN will stop working.

VPN Timeweb

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