Travels launched the project “Tours in culture”


Travel together with Arzamas and Ornamika launched a project called “Tours in culture”. It is dedicated to the customs and traditions of 15 peoples of Russia. Only 3 of them are currently available, others will be finalized soon.

“Tours in culture” is an educational project on which folklorists and futurologists worked. They collected unique information about the characteristics of various peoples living on the territory of the Russian Federation. All these features are revealed through music, graphics and lyrics.

Now you can learn about the culture of the Tatars, Karelians and Avars on the Yandex Travels website. For example, see the Onega petroglyphs or find out where to eat in Petrozavodsk, as well as read about Avar traditions and places to visit in Dagestan. Data on the Kalmyks, Altaians, Komi, Nanays, Nenets, Russians, Udmurts, Circassians, Chechens, Chuvash, Evenks, and Yakuts will soon be updated and presented.

Project "Cultural tours"

In addition, Arzamas picked up traditional lullabies, and Ornamika collected folk patterns. You can listen to the compositions on Yandex Music, and the ornaments inspired the designers to create limited-edition clothes of Outlaw Creative, muus and OLA OLA brands, which will soon appear in Yandex Market.

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