Metrica’s weekly reports are available via a Telegram bot


It will now be possible to receive reports on individual indicators via Telegram. Once a week, the bot will be able to send data to the messenger, and the user can choose specific targets for downloading the report.

The report will contain information for the period from Monday to Sunday and will be delivered on Mondays. To create a report, you need to be the owner of the counter or have rights to edit it.

Data that can be included in the report:

  • Visits, that is. activity of one visitor on the website.
  • visitors
  • depth of view, that is. the number of site page views in one visit.
  • Denials, that is. separate visits fulfilling a number of conditions.
  • Basket.
  • Purchase.
  • Conversions and achievement of goals, including automatic

By default, the report will contain information from all counters that are accessible from the account. You can select specific counters and monitor information only from them.

You can connect reports via Telegram in the account settings. For more details, see the Yandex Help.

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