Data centers in Helsinki will use wind energy


Data center operator Equinix has signed an agreement with Neoen and Prokon to purchase wind energy for a data center in Helsinki, DCD writes.

The Lumivaara wind farm, which will generate energy while it is under construction. In the future, it is expected to have a total capacity of 53 MW, and at least 80% of this energy will be used by Equinix. The commissioning of the wind farm is planned for 2025, and the agreement signed by the companies is for 10 years.

Currently, Equinix operates five data centers in Finland, and also plans to build a large-scale data center under the xScale brand. In addition, the company has committed to using renewable energy in all of its 220+ data centers worldwide by 2030.

Earlier, Equinix announced the continuation of cooperation with the Finnish energy company Helen, under which additional heat produced in the Equinix data center will be used to heat residential buildings in Helsinki.

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