August is the time to earn more from advertising

The second quarter of 2022 has come to an end – in August, business marketing activity begins to increase again after the summer lull. During this period, companies usually increase their advertising budgets, and owners of resources with good traffic can make money from it.

To get the most profit from display advertising, webmasters are advised to place additional ad formats with good buy-in on their pages. It is considered optimal to place up to 2 banners and 1 video on one screen – this approach gives many views and at the same time does not scare away the audience.

Also, to increase advertising revenue, the RTBSape programmatic platform offers a large selection of direct advertisers, exclusive conditions from top agencies and networks, as well as an additional bonus with which webmasters will be able to earn 10% more.

How to increase income in August

Join RTBSape before August 1st* and earn more with a bonus promotion. At the same time, it does not matter whether you work with the platform code directly or use the service as an external header bidding monetizer in AdFox.

How to get a bonus?

1. Add a new site by August 1.

2. Enter the promotional code “JULY22” on the LK page.

3. Start working. At the beginning of September, we will calculate a bonus in the amount of 10% of the funds earned in August.

*The promotion is valid for new and returning users of the platform.

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