An electric car capable of absorbing carbon dioxide was shown in the Netherlands


The prototype of such a car was demonstrated by students from the Technical University of Eindhoven. Their technology can absorb more carbon dioxide than it produces during the entire operating cycle, writes New Atlas.

The Zem electric car was created using additive technologies that allow reducing material waste and emit “as little carbon dioxide as possible.” It also uses recycled plastic and 3D printing, uses less environmentally harmful polycarbonate instead of glass, and has solar panels on the roof and hood. The information systems and electronics installed inside the machine can be removed and reused in other products.

During movement, the electric car does not emit carbon dioxide. It is equipped with 9 traction batteries of 2.3 kWh each and a 22 kW engine. There is also a regenerative braking system that allows you to squeeze more energy from the batteries.

Electric car Zem


The carbon dioxide capture system looks like a regular radiator grille, and according to the creators, every 20,600 km of mileage at a speed of about 60 km/h is able to remove about 2 kg of carbon dioxide. At the same time, the filter installed in the system must be cleaned every 320 kilometers.

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