Tula gingerbread and Astrakhan watermelon – which regional brands entered the top 15


The Robota.ru service found out which brands are the most popular and popular in Russian regions. The survey was conducted in July 2022 throughout Russia, the sample consisted of 3,700 respondents.

As it turned out, 66% of respondents know a local brand from their region, and the most famous brands are Tula gingerbread (57%), Orenburg down scarf (37%), Adyghe cheese (35%), as well as Amur tiger (33%) and Astrakhan. watermelon (32%).

15 most famous regional brands

Image: press.rabota.ru

Tetyana Moshchagina, head of internal communications and employer brand of the Rabota.ru service, noted that regional brands can become a real engine of domestic tourism in the post-pandemic era. Local brands attract tourist and financial flows, form loyalty to “folk images” and help the consumer establish a connection between the region and its special qualities.

At the same time, the survey revealed that 48% of respondents have a neutral attitude towards local brands, and 38% are proud and use such products.

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