In Sweden, they began to monitor the condition of roads using a smartphone game


The authorities of the city of Enköping teamed up with the developers of the Finnish start-up company Crowdsorsa and created a system for monitoring bicycle and pedestrian roads using a mobile game. It is available for free download in the app store for any residents of the Swedish town.

The game works on the same principle as Pokémon GO. In augmented reality, different objects appear every kilometer. If users find and approach them, the objects disappear.

A Swedish city is attracting residents to monitor the roads using a phone game


That is, users can collect virtual fruits and berries, and then exchange them for real money. As reported by Nizh, the exchange cost of each object in the application is 20 Swedish kroner, which is approximately 111 rubles.

Citizens send the recorded video to the city authorities. With the help of artificial intelligence, they analyze the frames, find damage in individual areas, and then send road workers to fix them. According to the city authorities, this will help them to set the right priorities in road repair and will simply attract residents to go for walks.

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