How to properly design a footer in an email: life hacks and examples


The content of the letter, its styling and presentation are undoubtedly some of the most important parts of the mailing, but they are not all that should be remembered. Another important section of the letter is the footer. It contains secondary, but still important information for users: an unsubscribe button or contact information.

What the letter footer looks like, what it contains and how to design it – we will talk about all this in today’s article.

What is a footer and why is it needed?

Footer (from the English footer – basement) is the lower part of the letter, where such elements as links to social networks, legal information, contacts and others are stored. One of the most important attributes is the unsubscribe button, adopted at the legislative level for holders of an official GDPR compliance certificate. It provides that every user has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter as simply as possible, without any effort.

The footer also plays an important part in the design of the letter. If it is removed, the letter may seem unfinished and rushed. This will negatively affect the perception of content by users and the effectiveness of mailing.

How to make your letter complete and informative – let’s look at the examples below.

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Designing a footer – 10 recommendations

It all depends on your niche and the newsletter itself. The main thing is to remember that there should be a “Unsubscribe” button, and the rest is up to you.

Reason for mailing

We have already talked about the importance of the unsubscribe button, but how do you make sure that the user does not avoid you? Interesting and memorable content is all that is needed for loyal customers. But how else can you retain the user? Just tell him why you sent this email next to the send button.

For example, it could look like this: “You received this newsletter because you subscribed to it on the website …. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by link“.

Scenario: the user opened his mail and saw a new email that appeared to him to be spam or simply uninteresting. He immediately goes to the footer and looks for the unsubscribe button, where he also reads that this is a mailing from a source important to him. As a result, the user does not unsubscribe from the newsletter and probably begins to study the letter.

But here’s how you definitely can’t do it:

How not to design the footer of a letter

In this case, it is extremely difficult to unsubscribe. Imagine that you are offered to refuse mailings through your personal account, and you lost access to it a long time ago. Will you go looking for him? Most likely not. It is more likely that the letter will go to the spam folder, and the person who sent it will receive a negative interaction with the user. As a result, the trust rating of the user and among providers will decrease.

Legal information

Legal information is company details, for example: company name, phone number, mailing address, privacy policy, and more. Additionally, you can add social network icons.

Here’s how it was implemented in one of Avon’s letters:

How to properly design a footer letter example


Even if you have a separate page with contacts on your site, it will not be superfluous to add this information to the footer. This is especially useful in cases where you sell products and do mailings based on that. It’s also a good idea to include a feedback link so that customers can quickly contact you if they have any questions.

Here is one such example:

We design the footer correctly 10 recommendations

The official app

If you have your own program, tell about it in the letter. The main thing is to arrange everything in a way that is understandable for the user. For example, like this:

How to design a letter footer so that subscribers do not unsubscribe

Pay attention to how the emphasis is on applications – you want to download them and see the stuffing. To increase the impact, you can add a nice bonus for downloading the app, for example, “Download the app on Google Play or the App Store and get a discount on your purchase.”


Address, opening hours, map

If your online store involves receiving goods offline or you have a separate store in the city, then tell about it at the bottom of the letter. Add a map and show the easiest way to get to your destination. Specify the work schedule and write that you will be happy to see all customers in your store.

An example of a Domino’s footer:

An example of what to write in the footer of a letter

Social proof

Social proof is a way to convince the user that you can work with you and that you will provide a service at a professional level. Reviews of real customers, numerous awards, prizes, certificates, diplomas and other things will help you in this. All this inspires confidence and will increase the value of the check.

Please leave feedback

Reviews will help you not only to show your expertise, but also to give feedback. You can get it through mailing lists by placing an offer to leave a review at the bottom of the letter. Another option is to ask the subscriber to recommend you to their friends or colleagues through social networks.

This is how it was implemented in the EdimDom newsletter:

What to write in the footer of a letter example

Social network links/icons

To start talking to the audience in one language – just tell about the places where you are. If you are active on social media, add social media buttons. This way, you will increase the audience in other communication channels as well.

One of the examples:

What information to add to the footer of an example letter

Company values ​​and philosophy

If you want users to better understand what your company does and what its goals are, tell more about it in the footer. It is not necessary to write an array of text, sometimes a rather short but capacious motto with a logo.

Photo of the author of the newsletter

If your newsletter is in the format of a journalistic column, where you share your thoughts or expert knowledge, then it would be nice to place the profile of the author with a photo in the footer to get to know the audience personally.

And the last common advice that can be followed in all cases is gratitude. Everyone will be happy to hear kind words even in the mail. Set aside a few lines for this at the bottom of the letter, and in the future your communication with customers will improve.

Additional recommendations

Try to follow the guidelines below to make your footer an effective place:

  • The footer of the letter is a conclusion that should not lose the general style, but it should be separated from the main part. It can be a block of a different color or content easily separated by a line.

Beautiful footer letters

  • Links to social networks, sections of the site and more – all this should lead to the right place. Be sure to check that all specified addresses exist and are spelled correctly.
  • Try to stick to minimalism – you shouldn’t put everything we talked about above in the footer. A basement is a basement – it should contain information in a concise and convenient format.
  • Do not add large images or bulky icons to the footer – all this can slow down the loading speed of the letter.

And here are more examples of what to do and what to avoid:

An example of a footer of a letter, how to make it

A well-designed footer with clear information

Errors in the design of the footer of the letter

An unnecessarily long footer that is difficult to understand


The footer of the letter is an important element that cannot be dispensed with in any newsletter. It performs two functions: it concludes the letter succinctly and provides secondary information in a convenient format.

It is important to remember the unsubscribe button, and everything else is up to you. You can follow the recommendations above or add something of your own. The main thing is that the content of the letter is clear and well-designed.

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