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When choosing the best donor sites for the purchase of leased links, optimizers pay attention to a number of different factors. This is confirmed by various studies.

It is also believed that search engines are biased and wary of resources that host too many outbound links. A link posted by them can carry a lot of weight. If the site is too spammed, you should be careful. Buying a link from it can even cause your search engine rankings to deteriorate. Therefore, it is especially valuable for the optimizer to find a donor resource with a minimum number of outgoing links.

How to find an unforgettable donor site?

In order to simplify the search for the most suitable resources for buying rental links, the Links.Sape team has made a selection of sites with a small number of placements.

The selection includes more than 800 sites of various thematic focus from the service’s link database. Buying links on these sites:

  • will provide your site with a qualitative improvement in search results,

  • will reduce time spent searching for unsaved resources,

  • will reduce the likelihood that search engines will perceive it as manipulation of search promotion.

Links from this selection will suit the optimizer regardless of the link strategy he chooses. You can view the sites included in the list here.

You can save all the selections that interest you in the “Favorites” section of your personal Links.Sape account to quickly and easily find the sites you need in the future.

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How to use the selection?

Just add the relevant sites from this selection to the “Favorites” section. You can then automatically select this list to search for unremembered venues.

List of references

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