Kaspersky Lab: DDoS attacks set records for duration


According to data from the second quarter of 2022, the number of DDoS attacks in the country is decreasing, but their duration is increasing. One of the incidents lasted a record 29 days.

Kaspersky Lab investigated the DDoS situation for April-June 2022. As experts note, in three months the record of maximum duration was updated several times. The average duration of an attack in April was 40 hours, in May it was 57 hours, and in June this figure went down.

At the same time, according to LC, the total number of DDoS attacks is still decreasing. For example, in June they occurred 4 times less compared to the peak indicators in March (however, the June 2021 indicators were half the current ones). The main target of DDoS attacks during this period is organizations from the financial sector. Most often, targeted attacks began to be recorded, which are more difficult to prepare and can disable the company’s services for a long time.

Kommersant notes another less obvious consequence of DDoS attacks – loss of site traffic. Yandex’s algorithms read the attacked resource as non-working and reduce its output. If the consequences of the attack are eliminated competently, recovery is possible after a few days, when the bot re-analyzes the content, otherwise the correction of errors can be calculated in weeks.

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