How to increase the CTR of contextual advertising and not blow the budget


What CTR is and how to calculate it was previously discussed in one of the Community materials. Here we will focus on specific ways to increase CTR on different platforms.

What does CTR affect?

Although CTR depends on many indicators, when reaching its maximum value, you will be able to improve the following characteristics of the advertising campaign:

  • Advertising effectiveness. An increase in click-through rate means that this message has engaged a potential audience. Namely, is the offer profitable or are you providing what people have been looking for for so long. Because the higher the CTR, the more accurate it is to hit customer queries.
  • Ads rating. Search engines take the ad rating into account when calculating the expected CTR. It is based on the effectiveness of the selection of keywords. This means that if the trigger value increases, the campaign’s ranking will increase, as will the ad’s position in the search results.
  • Advertising costs. There is a direct dependence here – when calculating the indicator, clicks and ad impressions are used. The more people click on the link (with a small number of impressions), the more effective the advertising costs will be.

Now directly to ways to increase CTR. Basically, it is taken into account in contextual and targeted advertising. Therefore, we will separately consider ways to increase it in the results of search results, as well as in RSYA (Yandex) and KMS (Google).

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Increasing CTR in contextual advertising

The main elements in search engines are headings, descriptions and links – it is worth working on them first of all.


The first thing to do in the title is to add relevant key phrases to it. That is, it must match the queries specified in the ad group, as well as what the user types in the search bar. Google and Yandex have templates with automatic installation of the desired key phrase in the title or description. However, before using them, it is better to check the correctness of the reading.

Additional header

Here it is recommended to place an emotional call to action or an offer (that is, a profitable offer). Again, it is worth choosing the right keywords, that is, relevant to user requests. So search engines will evaluate the ad as the most suitable, and the cost of the click will also decrease.


In the description, it is desirable to write the unique selling proposition (UTP) of your company or to list several key competitive advantages. You can also specify the offer here, if it did not fit in the additional header. Diluting the text with numbers will be a plus.

This is not necessary

It should be like this

We are the best in the market, have extensive experience and provide quality services

On the market for 10 years, delivery in 1 day

On our courses, you will be able to turn into a real Internet marketer in the shortest possible time

Studying the profession of “Internet marketer” for six months, at the end of which you will receive an international certificate


You can also add a keyword or phrase to the displayed path – this way the link will look neater, more beautiful, and clearer. In the settings, there is usually an option to duplicate using the same templates.

Additions and expansions

With the help of applications and extensions, you can increase the display area of ​​the ad in the output and at the same time increase the CTR. At the same time, you can use additional headings to list the competitive advantages of the offer.

What else can be done?

In addition to the above, you can also take the following actions, which in one way or another affect the cost of a click.

  • Experiment with different creatives. It is not always clear from the first time what will or will not work for a user on the Internet. Try different creatives in one group, evaluate the performance of all ads and search for what you need.
  • Test the offer and competitive advantages. This way, you will understand which combinations of characteristics attract people more, and clicks will increase at the same time. It will be useful to monitor competitors’ ads – this is due to the possibility of a decrease in clickability in the event that competitors have a lower price.
  • Add or remove an organization. It is about a virtual business card in Yandex. On the one hand, this will increase the area of ​​the ad, and on the other hand, it will add two active links that do not lead to the site page. The downside is that these links are also paid for. Before adding an organization link, test it and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Turn off automatic creation of ads. Google has this feature where the system generates text for you for titles, descriptions or extensions. It is advisable to turn it off, since the effectiveness of investments in this case is unpredictable.
  • Do not use the same headings and descriptions in the RSYA and KMS. This is due to the fact that each of the systems has its own specifics that must be taken into account when creating an advertisement.
  • Pay attention to other parameters. The average cost of a click also depends on the quality of the site, the relevance of the offer to the user’s requests and other aspects.
  • Adjust rates. Such actions will lead to an increase in the position of the ad in search results.

If you want to achieve maximum effectiveness from an advertising campaign, then you should not approach it with the principle of “install and go”. It is necessary to constantly analyze statistics, change the parameters as necessary, and monitor the actions of competitors. As a result, your money will definitely pay off, and the company will receive only one plus.

Increase CTR in display advertising

In RMIA and KMS, the clickability rate is much lower than in search engines. This is due to the display of ads on sites with low traffic quality, the effect of banner blindness, etc. The composition structure is almost the same, but in these systems the use of graphic and video ads is more common. As for increasing the CTR, here you should proceed as follows:

  • Work on the structure of the account. Namely, to separate contextual advertising campaigns from media ones. This separation will simplify targeting, analytics, and the ability to make changes for the future.
  • Do not use the same headlines as contextual ads. Advertising in such systems involves the use of images, that is, visuals are important. And in search engines, people type text and choose from what is available. Emphasize creativity, the emotional component of the message.
  • Do not include important information in the additional header. This is all information that will influence a person’s decision to switch. All because in some cases it may not be displayed in the ads, especially in the RMK.
  • Do not write too long descriptions. First, it is not a fact that they will be read. And secondly, the text is not always read in this format, especially the one that comes after the title. Third, long text overlaps the image. So just include a short offer or a few important competitive advantages.
  • Segment campaigns or groups. This is important because of the difference in perception in different audiences. For example, those who see your company’s ad for the first time should be shown one. And for others who previously cooperated or contacted, the mechanism of influence is different.
  • Adjust the target according to various parameters. For example, there is keyword targeting, which involves working out their match types, adding negative keywords, and using commercial queries. All this will reduce the number of views, but depending on the number of clicks, it will be much more effective. There is also targeting by audiences, when the interests and parameters of the target group are indicated when setting up advertising, and targeting by platforms, that is, the selection of promising platforms for placement.
  • Create bright, informative banners. They should attract attention, be contrasting, and at the same time made in high quality. Only professionals can do this.

Display advertising is generally an ambiguous tool now. This is mainly due to the use of ad blockers by most people. Only some sites bypass these mechanisms, but that’s a different story. The fact is that high efficiency with the help of this tool is rarely achieved today and only with the right approach.

Let’s summarize

Clickability is an excellent indicator of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. However, it is a guarantee of increased sales. If your offer does not meet the interests of the target audience and does not bring benefits, then, unfortunately, ah … Therefore, it is better to work on the fact that the product or service is in demand, regardless of whether you advertise it or not.

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