Implementation of additional chips related to EAT factors on the site


In order to keep up with competitors, you need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse and implement various features on your website. Today we will talk about chips related to EAT factors. Using these chips can help not only catch up with competitors, but also get ahead of them.

What is EAT?

E‑AT is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness, which translates as “Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness”. These are the factors used by Google assessors to evaluate sites. An assessor is an employee of the search engine who manually checks the relevance of the site’s pages.

If an assessor goes to a medical website and sees that the article is allegedly written by a well-known doctor, he will definitely want to make sure of this. If the assessor goes to the doctor’s page in social networks and sees cross-links, then according to the EAT factors, the site will receive a high rating.

When the assessors check the site, they fill out a questionnaire. According to this questionnaire, search engines are trained and compare the factors noted by assessors on different sites.

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Payment and delivery

The shipping and payment information pages are very important. But just having such pages is not enough. Most often, these pages appear as solid text:

Payment information

If your competitors have everything written in handwriting, you can display the information in the form of infographics. Should I ask what else would be useful for the user to know?

It can be a delivery card:

EAT - delivery card

Information about the mode of operation:

Mode of operation

Information about the possibility of receiving a discount:

Discount for pickup

Delivery points on the map:

Delivery points on the map

You can also talk about delivery to other cities, the advantages of delivery, place a block with questions and answers. And this is just the shipping page, not the main page. A page designed in this way will not leave any assessor indifferent.


When we link from one page to another, some of the weight is transferred to the linking pages. For this reason, many SEO experts do not put internal links on important pages. But if these links help users, they do far more good than harm.

References to articles in directories add relevance and can add expertise. Also, placing videos in directories can add relevance to a boring directory.

In the image in the catalog of pet products, articles about pets:

Store catalog

Cards of goods

Product cards should contain as much detailed information as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to give a lot of information about a product, especially if there are several thousand of these products. However, this information can be taken from the manufacturer’s website: article number, color, size, weight, etc. All this can be very useful for buyers.


Information from the manufacturer’s website is dry facts. It is quite difficult to try them on. It’s great when customers share product reviews, but the harsh truth is that customers are reluctant to do so. Especially if there is no feedback in the cards yet. In order for reviews to start appearing, you need to post them yourself. The point here is not to praise your online store. It is necessary to give the user more information about the product so that he can make a purchase decision. It would be ideal if you find a similar product on Amazon and translate the review from English.

The work with reviews does not end there – buyers need to be motivated to write reviews, for example, for bonuses, and encourage other site users to join the discussion.

Smartphone application

Here, many will say that the mobile application is not about them. Yes, but now you can create programs on constructors. And implement the basic functionality of the site in the application. Why is this necessary? As you may have noticed, if the site offers to download a program for a smartphone, then it is, as a rule, a large site. A smartphone program is a sign of a well-known company. That is, if it is implemented on your site, you become bigger. And you have an advantage over your competitors.

Questions and answers

If you put a question and answer block on your site, you can appear not at the top, but above the top in quick answers. My site about India was included in Yandex’s quick answers:

Answers in Yandex search

To get to Yandex’s quick answers, you don’t need micro-markup. Yandex may take part of the text from the article. If we are talking about Google and specifically about the block with questions and answers, then it is better to make micro markup. You can find information about micro-markup FAQ at the link.

Corporate style of the site

Big brands use certain colors in their advertising campaigns and banner designs. It is worth thinking about the design code of your site, choosing certain fonts and colors and sticking to the chosen style. It is not necessary to contact Artemiy Lebedev’s studio, you can draw up a detailed technical specification and order a set of banners on Quork.

Agreement security guarantee

If you guide the buyer through all stages of the transaction, you will definitely increase conversion. The buyer at every stage needs to be sure that everything is going well. Did the product not fit? We will return the money! Has an incomplete set arrived? We will send a new one for free!

Sometimes you don’t need to chase your competitors – maybe they all operate according to old schemes and are going the wrong way. Look at your site through the eyes of users and think about what can be done to make it better, cheaper, faster for the user… And you can spy on chips not only from competitors, but also from neighboring niches or big brands.

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