15 Best Digital Business Books

In order to succeed in the field of digital business, it is necessary to understand the principles of promotion on the Internet, know how to use the appropriate tools, and also feel the trends. Our selection of useful books, which cover the topics of startup development, customer research, business model testing, and other important aspects for IT entrepreneurs, will help you understand these questions.

Oyuna Kozhushko, Ihor Churkin, Andriy Ageev “Internet marketing and digital strategies. Principles of effective use”

Oyuna Kozhushko, Ihor Churkin, Andriy Ageev

The book “Internet marketing and digital strategies. Principles of effective use”, written by a team of authors, is a training manual with a practical bias. The information contained in this publication is based on Intelsib’s 10-year experience in the Russian market.

In it you will find detailed descriptions of work with real clients, after studying which the reader will be able to understand the problems of the sites and see opportunities for increasing their conversion.

The book can be useful both for beginners in the digital sphere and for professionals. The tips given by the authors will help you create an effective Internet marketing strategy and increase sales.

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Margarita Zobnina, Mykola Davydov, Serhii Ashin “Startup Guide. How to start… and not close your Internet business”

Margarita Zobnina, Mykola Davydov, Serhii Ashin

The book contains practical recommendations and a description of the tools needed to create an Internet startup. The authors, who are leading experts in the venture market and successful Russian startups, share short and clear tips on how to bring your startup to the level of a big business.

The reader will learn how to competently start and successfully develop their own Internet business in Russia, how to avoid frequent mistakes made by many startups, how to cope with the most difficult tasks at all stages of project promotion.

Jeff Sutherland “Scrum. A revolutionary project management method”

Jeff Sutherland

Scrum, a method of organizing a joint work process, invented by programmers Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, has become popular all over the world, including in our country, because it allows you to build well-organized work on a project.

The publication talks about how to build a team’s work and solve tasks in a short period of time. The speed of product introduction is especially important in the field of IT development, so it is used by many teams working in the field of software development.

The book is interestingly written, easy to read and contains a large number of simple and clear examples.

Brad Feld, David Cohen “Startup in the Network. Master classes of successful entrepreneurs”

Brad Feld, David Cohen

The publication, which presents real cases, will help you find answers to the following questions:

  • How to work with new ideas?
  • How to assemble a team?
  • How to protect your idea?
  • When should you contact an investor?
  • How to develop and improve the product?

The authors – experienced practitioners – were able to cover all aspects of the process of launching a new project. This is a book for those who have an idea, the desire to implement it and make money from it. After reading, you will be able to avoid many annoying mistakes and save time on their correction.

“Advertising Undercover: Native Advertising, Content Marketing, and the Secret World of Online Promotion” by Mara Einstein.

Mara Einstein

The author of this book has worked in advertising agencies for more than one decade. She talks about the theoretical aspects of creating native advertising, and shares with readers the most successful examples of high-quality work by marketers.

The publication tells how to create advertising content that is difficult to recognize advertising, and which users willingly and freely share with each other. The book, which is interesting for both beginners and professionals of the advertising market, describes the subtleties of promotion on modern Internet sites, the features of creating advertising under cover – exciting content in which it is impossible to recognize the marketing background.

Oleksandr Osterwalder, Yves Pinet “Building Business Models: The Table Book of the Strategist and Innovator”

Oleksandr Osterwalder, Yves Pinet

The authors describe the original concept of analysis, construction, and improvement of business models, which is used by the world’s largest corporations, such as Google, IBM, Ericsson.

The book is a practical guide that every aspiring entrepreneur should read. It explains quite clearly and in detail the principle of creating business models and has a template that will help build such a model.

The authors use examples to show how to interact with customers, which sales channels to use, etc. By filling out the template proposed in the book, you will be able to see the whole picture of your business, build a logical scheme of business operation, find problems and inconsistencies in it that can prevent you from achieving success.

Bob Dorf, Steve Blank “Startup. Founder’s desk book”

Bob Dorf, Steve Blank

This edition is considered one of the most authoritative courses in the world on creating and managing a startup. The authors developed a unique method of identifying and verifying consumers, which helped thousands of entrepreneurs from many countries achieve success.

The recommendations given in the book are suitable for both products sold through traditional sales channels and those sold through the Internet and mobile channels. Among many examples, it contains a case from domestic practice, which clearly demonstrates that the described method works in Russia as well. After reading this practical guide, you will learn how to test your ideas for viability and go from plans to create your own business to active actions.

Avinash Koshyk Web analytics 2.0 in practice. Subtleties and best methods”

Avinash Koshyk Web analytics 2.0 in practice.  Subtleties and best methods

A very useful book for all web professionals. Practical examples given by the author will clearly show how to work with web analytics tools, how to deal with modern technologies and rapidly developing trends, including social media, video, and mobile devices.

The author will tell you how to calculate the economic value of your web resource, measure macro- and micro-conversions for e-commerce sites, non-commercial resources and B2B websites. After reading this book, you’ll understand how to benefit from analytics methodologies related to search and search engine optimization, and what you need to do to create truly customer-centric websites.

Mike Mikalowitz “Startup without a budget”

Mike Mikalowitz

The book should be read by those who are starting their business with extremely limited resources. The author clearly shows that insufficient or even no start-up capital is the main obstacle.

Mike Michalovitz, an entrepreneur and founder of three successful companies, shares advice on how to start your business, get inspired and choose an idea, gives a competent, practically proven step-by-step algorithm for creating a profitable enterprise with a minimum of initial resources. The pluses of the publication are an unusual presentation style and many specific tips.

Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kovitz “Sprint: How to Develop and Test a New Product in Just Five Days”

Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kovitz

Most methods of developing new products require a lot of time, but Google has developed the Sprint method, which allows you to test any idea in just 5 days. The authors reveal all the secrets of “Sprint”: how to create a new product in 1 working week, test it on potential consumers, then determine a further business strategy and at the same time minimize all possible risks.

The emphasis in the book is on teamwork, the authors provide effective tactics for working with a team. The story is full of examples, details and details, the book provides clear recommendations, and the presentation style is easy to understand.

The book can be perceived not only as a guide to working with sprints, but also from it you can learn how to organize the work of a team to find options for solving a complex problem, how to put forward hypotheses and test them on real customers.

Seth Godin “Purple Cow. Make your business stand out!”

Seth Godin

Before launching a startup, you should assess how unique your product is. If your offer is different from the rest, grabs attention and makes you stand out from the crowd, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising.

The author offers many ideas and tips on how to distinguish competitors, which are relevant even in the realities of the Russian market. The book can be recommended to both business owners and all marketing specialists.

Artem Senators “Battle for a VKontakte subscriber”. SMM guide”

Artem Senators

The publication will help to understand the technical and psychological aspects of SMM promotion in the most popular domestic social network.

The creator of the “Litorg” community, Artem Senators, talks in an interesting and accessible way about how to promote your Internet audience, not to repeat other people’s mistakes, attract and retain subscribers, set up advertising, entertain readers, create and publish content. The author gives short and comprehensive advice, which is supported by examples and visual illustrations.

Alex Exler Ozon.ru. The history of successful Internet business in Russia”

Alex Exler Ozon.ru.  The history of successful Internet business in Russia

This book is a very useful read for those who are thinking about their Internet project. Ozon, the oldest online store in Russia, has existed since 1998. The author describes who and how this project was invented, tells about the ways of its development, which investors worked with it in different periods of time, what problems the company faced and how they were solved, what innovations were used.

After reading the book, you can draw conclusions about how to achieve popularity and get a sufficient number of customers even when selling goods at prices higher than in online stores of competitors.

Perry Marshall, Brian Todd “Contextual advertising that works. The Google AdWords Bible”

Perry Marshall, Brian Todd “Contextual advertising that works.  The Google AdWords Bible

The book is of interest to internet marketers, employees of advertising and digital agencies, as well as internet entrepreneurs. After reading its content, you will learn how to plan an advertising campaign in Google AdWords, learn everything about choosing the right keywords, how to create advertisements that attract the attention of users, analyze various indicators of your campaign and effectively use advanced tools from Google.

Due to the presentation style, the book is read easily and with interest, the information covers not only contextual advertising, but also other ways of successfully promoting the project on the Internet.

Philip Tsarevsky “Yandex. Direct. How to make a profit instead of playing the lottery”

Philip Tsarevsky

An excellent practical guide to Yandex.Direct contextual advertising for beginners and beyond. The author tells how to develop an individual strategy for a specific business, think through and implement an advertising campaign taking into account the uniqueness of your project.

The book is written in simple language, the information is easy to understand and quickly assimilated. The summary at the end of each chapter allows you to consolidate the main theses, and the manual also contains practical tasks for practicing the acquired knowledge.

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