Google will allow the use of third-party payment systems in the Play Store


As Reuters writes, for developers of non-gaming programs in the Eurozone, Google will reduce the commission from the standard 15% to 12%, and will also allow them to use third-party payment systems.

The company is taking the following steps to comply with new EU requirements that will come into effect in 2023. At the same time, Google clarifies that the commission reduction applies only to consumers in the European Economic Area (27 EU countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), and the use of other payment systems will also apply to games. However, it is not yet known what services will be available in the application store.

That is, the developer will be able to use an alternative to the Google Play payment system and will receive a 3% reduced commission. At the same time, Google undertakes not to remove applications from the store. However, for those developers who create games, as before, the internal payment system in Google Play will be mandatory.

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