Which VPNs are unblocked and work in Russia


In the article, we will talk about which VPNs work in Russia after blocking, we will talk separately about free and paid working services, as well as about the pros and cons of each of them.

Which VPNs are currently working in Russia: free and paid services

Several well-known VPN providers, including Proton and Windscribe, were among the latest victims of blocking by Roskomnadzor. ExpressVPN and NordVPN have also had problems since last year, with frequent failures in their work, and since mid-June, users began to complain about their disconnection. However, most providers still provide this service steadily, and among them there are those that provide users with free access to blocked sites.

In our top of paid and free VPNs, we found the most downloadable and reliable ones, which were not noticed in the trade of user data on the Internet. We would like to add that the lists are current as of Wednesday, July 20.

Which free VPNs work in Russia

Most users can easily access blocked sites from these VPNs:

  • AdGuard. Functionality is confirmed by recent user reviews on the AdGuard page in Google Play. The free version is just as fast, but has an incoming traffic limit of no more than 3GB per month, so it won’t be suitable for those who work with videos, graphics and large applications. Also, the free version has restrictions on the choice of servers. But it works on any OS and browsers.

  • Lantern. Despite reports of Lantern being blocked, this program, which is supported by the US government, works well for most users. The free version is limited in terms of traffic (only 0.5 GB per month) and is also slower. Lantern also supports all popular operating systems.

  • Speedify. This VPN, although blocked, also works on almost everyone on any OS. The free version has a traffic limit of 2 GB per month.

  • TouchVPN. The stable service, moreover, is completely free, but does not support macOS and Linux.

  • NetNode. The VPN also has no paid options, but it is designed for mobile devices only.

  • Melon. Unlimited free subscription, but only for owners of Android devices – Melon does not have versions for other operating systems.

  • Planet. There are no traffic restrictions in the free version, in addition, Planet is a Russian service that will facilitate connection in case of increased blocking. The program is available for any OS and browsers.

  • SecureVPN. There is a free version, but it has reduced functionality: a traffic limit of 1 GB per month and a session duration of only 20 minutes, after which it is necessary to reconnect. Also, SecureVPN will not work for Linux users.

  • Atlas. You can use it for free, the limit is only for traffic (2 GB per month). There is also no Linux version.

  • KUTO. Free VPN without restrictions, but only works on Windows and Android.

Which paid VPNs work in Russia

List of stable and relatively stable paid VPNs operating in Russia:

  • Psiphon. Another service that has the support of the American government. Psiphon is still available to most, but some users are reporting that the desktop version is crashing.

  • HideMe. The advantages of this paid service include the availability of a trial version: however, you can use it only for a day.

  • Mullvad. Available for all operating systems and the Firefox browser.

  • Potato Works everywhere except Linux-like OS and browsers.

  • Red Shield. Another VPN with desktop and mobile versions, but no browser connection option.

  • SurfShark. Among the advantages of this VPN, we note the ability to connect an unlimited number of devices after paying a subscription. You can pay monthly, or you can buy a subscription for one or even two years at a discount.

  • Browsec. One of the best solutions for browsers, but the free version is limited in the choice of servers. In addition, some users on the Google Play app page note that Browsec has been running erratically for the past month. At the same time, the developers claim that they are promptly eliminating the problems that arise.

  • CyberGhost. Another paid service that works in our country, but with interruptions. There are versions for all operating systems except Linux.

Which service is better to choose: advantages and disadvantages of VPN

So, we found out which VPNs are currently not blocked in Russia, let’s talk about how to choose a good service. The main problems with most free VPNs are that they have limited functionality:

  • monthly traffic limits (most often no more than 2-3 GB per month are available to users);

  • a small selection of servers to connect to (usually, you have to choose from only a few available countries);

  • reduced speed and even intermittent outages after a certain period of time.

In addition, when using free VPNs, the probability of data leakage increases, because the company needs something to maintain its equipment and pay salaries to employees. The problem of violation of user privacy is often not relevant for paid VPNs that value their reputation.

However, a paid VPN is not always fast, as a number of providers pay special attention to cryptographic security methods. And here is another trouble: because the more complex the defense, the slower the speed. Therefore, such services are not suitable for streamers, gamers and fans of watching videos in Live mode. To avoid the problems described above, Timeweb has developed the following solution.

Timeweb Private VPN

Timeweb offers high-speed access to the content you want, while guaranteeing complete privacy.

  • The connection is set up within a minute.

  • Available versions for desktop, mobile devices and tablets for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS.

  • Increased download speed, which is enough to work even for streamers and those who watch online broadcasts in 4K mode: up to 200 Mbps.

  • A good level of encryption of outgoing and incoming traffic and hiding the real IP address.

  • No built-in advertising or user tracking tools.

  • Sessions without time limits.

  • Reduced cost of subscription: 490 rubles per month or 1990 rubles. per year (savings of more than 300 rubles per month with an annual subscription).

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