A new antitrust lawsuit has been filed against Apple


The Canadian company Affinity Credit Union decided that iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users have no alternatives to Apple Pay, and this disrupts competition in the market of payment systems. The antitrust lawsuit was sent to the California court.

Owners of Apple devices pay for purchases in stores through Apple Pay, and other payment services such as PayPal, Square or banking applications cannot be used. At the same time, Apple collects a commission from payment card issuers for transactions: 0.15% for credit card payments and 0.05% for debit cards. Such fees brought in $1 billion for the corporation in 2019, and Affinity Credit Union predicts that figure could quadruple by 2023.

According to Affinity Credit Union, this violates antitrust laws, because Apple uses its dominant position to increase profits, which other payment systems cannot do. The plaintiffs demand that Apple provide access to NFC to other payment systems, as well as issue compensation to all banks that paid transaction fees.

According to Bloomberg, the interests of the plaintiffs will be represented in court by the company Hagens Berman, which has previously opposed Apple. The corporation has not yet commented on the situation.

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