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During a crisis, companies work out backup plans: they look for alternative income options or opportunities to diversify activities. One such plan B is the Timeweb Cloud affiliate program, which allows IT companies and freelancers to earn additional income.

Hello everybody! Timeweb Cloud is connected – a cloud platform from one of the largest hosting providers in Russia and the CIS. We provide cloud servers, DBaaS, access to S3 object storage, Kubernetes configuration services and administer various cloud infrastructures.

Our clients use all the computing power of servers located in two TIER 3 level data centers. DCs have a failure rate of at least 99.982% and meet international standards of reliability and security.

Like other major cloud providers, we have an affiliate program. With its help, partner companies can additionally earn from our services. Types and conditions of cooperation, their advantages and differences will be discussed in this article.

Who can join the Timeweb Cloud affiliate program

Our affiliate program is suitable for:

  • hosting providers;

  • developers of software and SaaS solutions;

  • IT outsourcing companies;

  • IT resellers;

  • system integrators;

  • internet providers;

  • web studio.

Its essence is that partners receive a reward for distributing our products – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and other solutions from the catalog of Timeweb Cloud services.

We provide 3 types of partnership cooperation:

  1. referral,

  2. reseller,

  3. White Label.

What is the difference between the programs

A program where the partner receives a percentage of the amount that the buyer spends on cloud services.

How the referral program works

The provider offers the client a link with a unique identifier. He places it on his resources – on the website or in social networks – and promotes the service in any way. Users follow this link, pay for the provider’s services, and the partner receives a percentage of the sale.

Who will it suit?

This is a good solution for sites that generate traffic: blogs, Telegram and YouTube channels, news portals or media sites.

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As you can see from the name, this option involves the resale of the provider’s services.

How the reseller program works

The partner company buys cloud services at a substantial discount and sells them under the guise of its services, setting prices and terms. But at the same time, it indicates the provider as a partner.

The difference between this program and the referral program is that the reseller concludes a contract with the provider directly and disposes of the purchased products at his own discretion. Whereas a referral leads a customer to a provider, receiving a commission for each buyer who clicks on their link.

Some hosting providers often work according to this scheme. They rent cloud capacity from big players and then sell it to their customers. Advantages of the program – the partner’s income consists of a discount on the cloud and a markup he set on the cost of services.

Who will it suit?

Hosting providers, system integrators, Internet providers and companies that provide various IT services.

The essence of the White Label program is individual conditions and close cooperation between partners.

How White Label works

In this case, the partner promotes the services of the provider under its own brand, without indicating the original source. He has the right to set any conditions, restrictions and price for the product.

The name of the program accurately defines the content of cooperation. The partner buys the product without any references to the supplier brand and sticks his label on it – brands the product in his own way.

Who will it suit?

Communication operators, Internet providers, system integrators, companies planning to become hosters or providers of cloud services.

The terms of this program are developed by cloud providers individually with each company, depending on the direction of business. We are already working with the first partners under this scheme: we build motivation, give exclusive prices for services and help in marketing and sales. The most successful partners of our programs earn from 300,000 rubles per month.


Dasha Borisova

Head of Timeweb Cloud partner direction

Timeweb Cloud Partner Program Terms

Referral program

You become a member of the affiliate program and receive a referral link. It will determine that the new client came from you. Another option is when the partner himself registers the client’s account using an individual code – wmid.

For example, you have several sites or Telegram channels with a good audience. You post banners or post a referral link there. The client goes through it and acquires a cloud server. You get 20% of his payment.

Standard referral reward:

  • 20% of the amount paid by the customer for cloud services: servers, S3 storage, DBaaS, load balancer, Kubernetes, VPN.

  • 10% of the amount is paid when the client purchases a cloud server.

The fee is accrued as long as the customer pays for cloud services. By referring more customers, you can earn a higher referral fee.

Payments under the referral program

The referral has a personal account where the amount of the reward for each client is displayed. In addition, the partner receives notifications by mail if a new customer is registered under his partner code/referral link. The reward is automatically calculated when the buyer makes a payment.

Payment is based on a preliminary referral request created on the control panel. Requests for a conclusion are approved in the presence of a signed contract. The minimum amount available for withdrawal is 390 rubles.

If the partner wants to transfer the reward to their account and pay them for access to the cloud, there are no restrictions on the minimum amount.

Reseller program

You rent Timeweb Cloud server capacity at a special price. The initial discount is 20%, in the future the discount only increases.

For the reseller program, we issue grants for the development of IT infrastructure in the cloud. The amount of the grant is up to 100,000 rubles for businesses and up to 3,000 rubles for private individuals. You can apply for a grant here.

How to become a partner and get advice

You can consult and communicate about the conditions of partner programs by writing to d.borisova@timeweb.ru.

During the working day, Dasha Borysova, the head of the Timeweb Cloud partner department, will write to you and will try to answer all questions in a way convenient for you: by mail, messengers or during the call.

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