NovaVi: how not to be left without a stable income in a crisis


Take care of yourself and your loved ones, receiving income, the size of which does not depend on geopolitics and economic fluctuations.

NovaVi is a step into a new life

EdTech NovaVi is a high-tech park that provides everyone with innovative tools for earning and improving the quality of life. NovaVi’s mission resonates with the statement of psychologist Gordon Neufeld, who said that development occurs from a point of rest.

When a person’s basic needs are satisfied, the forces for professional and personal growth appear. Security, love and respect – this is what fills our lives with meaning and happiness. When there is a mess at home, and a mess at work, the thought inevitably comes that life has turned you in the wrong direction.

It is absolutely normal to think this way, because you cannot devote 100% of your time to the development of all spheres of life at the same time. When you focus on your career, you forget about your family. You devote more time to your loved ones – the capacity for work declines.

The only way out is to understand what is wrong in life and to take the first steps towards achieving balance. In a crisis, when the usual picture of the world is destroyed, the very ability to set priorities becomes the very life-saving compass that protects you and your family from upheavals.

Know that you are not alone in your desire to put your life in order, because there is a NovaVi EdTech community. Everyone who came to the high-tech park is united by the desire to live fully here and now, and not in the distant future.

“NovaVi” will help you:

  • Gain confidence in tomorrow.

  • Master profitable online professions.

  • Get unlimited opportunities for earning and career growth.

  • It’s cool to change life by 180 °.

EdTech NovaVi is a convenient environment for your growth. This is an opportunity to open new horizons by finding yourself in a community of like-minded people. The skills you will get at NovaVa will be useful not only in running a business, but also in everyday life – to build strong relationships with loved ones and friends.

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Sign up – stable income in a crisis

Forget about bosses, calls and reports! Forking is a sports arbitration ecosystem created by NovaVi specialists based on artificial intelligence.

With Forking, you will learn how to make money from forks. These are the situations in which, by placing several bets on the opposite results of a sports match, you get a decent profit regardless of its result.

WARNING! Do not confuse regular stakes with forks. In betting, everything is decided by chance, and forks are about strategy and cold calculation. You will start earning on sports arbitrage under the sensitive guidance of Forking experts. All that is needed for this is a computer, stable Internet and the desire to develop.

The Forking ecosystem has everything you need to master sports arbitrage from scratch:

  • Scanner. Professional fork search program. Analyzes data from more than 70 bookmakers.

  • Forkingcamp. A two-week training course on sports refereeing. Students earn money almost from the first lessons.

  • Community. Closed chat in Discord. Enter the ranks of expert exterminators.

  • Forkingshop. Bonus app store. For more convenient plugging.

With you earn from home. Fork to fill holes in the budget or create a financial cushion to help you through tough times. 90% of forks in the Forking community earn 20-30% to the bank by forking 2-3 hours a day. The remaining 10% are professional arbitrators. Their forking is the main source of income.

Novamind – get your head in order

Have you ever wondered why some people have it easy in life, while others make sacrifices to be left with nothing? It’s all about restrictive settings. “It won’t work for me, it’s too late to start at 40, it’s always better for others” – familiar phrases, right?

Once in the subconscious, limiting attitudes shape our habits and attitudes. Under their influence, reality fades. Instead of a palette of bright colors, we see the world around us as anxious and faded, not noticing the opportunities that fate sends us.

The Novamind training system was created to find and work through your limiting beliefs. It includes effective techniques from NLP, psychology and body-oriented therapy.

No mysticism and esotericism! Only proven tools to realize your potential. Novamind coaches have a lot of experience – for more than 20 years, they have been helping people radically change their lives for the better. They will help you.

For this, they developed 4 levels of Novamind:

  1. “Exit from the matrix”: boost self-esteem and reveal your hidden talents.

  2. “The Eighth Sense”: learn to influence people gently and effectively.

  3. “Architect of Reality”: form healthy habits to become the best version of yourself in 3 months.

  4. “Master of Life”: master RPT – the technology of instant changes and independently simulate your own reality.

Feedback from students NovaMind

Briefly about the main thing

  1. EdTech NovaVi’s mission – to help you get a stable income and confidence in the future.

  2. Develop a business from scratch – “NovaVi” has everything you need for your personal and professional growth.

  3. Unlimited possibilities – together with the turnkey business, you receive powerful training from the leaders and experts of the high-tech park.

  4. “NovaVi” community – Bright and progressive people, ready to support you and suggest the best solution.

  5. Your income in NovaVi – Stable and dignified, independent of geopolitics and economic fluctuations.

  6. your life – Conscious and happy.

  7. All that is needed for its acquisition – your activity and desire to develop.

  8. In “NovaVi” – Everything is created by people and for people.

In the EdTech NovaVi high-tech park, you are your own boss and the architect of your happiness. Build a career, improve your skills and develop a successful online business to provide for yourself and your loved ones. A bright and happy life awaits you! Join NovaVi!

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