Google received a fine of 21 billion rubles

A court in Moscow imposed a new fine on Google Corporation for a repeated violation – refusal to remove information prohibited by Russian law.

The administrative fine amounted to 21 billion 77 million 392 thousand 318 rubles 80 kopecks, reports TARS. This amount is 1/10 of the revenue of Google and its affiliated companies registered with the tax inspectorates of the Russian Federation. This is already the second such fine against the IT giant, the first fine in the amount of 7.2 billion rubles was imposed in December 2021, and in February 2022 it was recognized as legal. The reason for the review was the materials on the video hosting YouTube, which is owned by Google.

We will remind you that last week the law on recoverable fines for “ungrounded” IT companies was passed. In such cases, fines from 1/15 to 1/10 of the company’s total annual revenue are provided, and for repeated violations, the fine will increase to 20%.

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