Ad Placement Mistakes That Will Kill Your Site

Do you have a website and have been successfully making money from it for a while, but something went wrong? Traffic is falling, advertisers are not leaving? You may be making one (or more) of the common mistakes webmasters make when monetizing their sites.

Come find out July 21 at 2:00 p.m for the free webinar “Ad Placement Mistakes That Will Kill Your Site”. Serhii Samonin, CEO of RTBSape will tell what errors in website monetization affect the webmaster’s income. expert Artem Koksharov will show you how to advertise so that users don’t leave.


Serhiy Samonin – CEO of RTBSape, spokesman for RIF+KIB conferences, ECOM Expo, etc. Topic: “Site monetization errors.”

  • Start of monetization when there is no traffic.
  • Cheating
  • Ad block errors
  • Annoying formats.
  • Irritating topic.
  • Why do you need analytics?
  • Monetization settings.

Artem Koksharov – REG.RU interface designer. Topic: “There is a lot of advertising.”

  • Banner blindness.
  • Excessive integration.
  • How banners affect user behavior.
  • The decision to leave the site due to pop-ups.
  • Registration and offer forms.
  • Examples of how to do it.

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The webinar will be useful:

  • For SEO specialists, you will learn how to quickly attract traffic to the site and increase conversion.
  • Beginner webmasters – learn how to work with monetization correctly.
  • Publishers who are not yet monetizing their site with display advertising, but plan to do so.
  • To everyone who wants to know the trends of media advertising in 2022 and earn money on the site.

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