What is email localization and why is it needed?


Entering the international arena is the adaptation of the entire mailing to the new CA. It is necessary to think over the nuances of the new market, to understand how email marketing is organized there, to understand the mentality and needs of another country.

All this helps localization, which will be discussed in today’s article.

What is email localization

Localization of mailings is the adaptation of email marketing for foreign users, which includes:

  • full translation of the letter in the native language of the country;
  • change of the visual part, up to the complete processing of the letter;
  • processing the text part – removing redundant information or adding new information;
  • replacement of all links with current ones of the selected country.

Localization is aimed at getting a higher conversion than with a simple translation of the newsletter. It seems that everywhere is the same – you only need to change the language, and the efficiency will remain the same. Unfortunately, this is far from the case – it is necessary to understand what drives people, what their values ​​are and what is the new target audience in general. That is why not only the text part, but also the design or the offer may differ.

One of the good examples of localization is McDonald’s. It’s not exactly about mailing, but the point doesn’t change. They came to India with a new menu – it does not contain beef and pork, as it is against the religious beliefs of the people of the country. The company began to prepare products with local ingredients that became spicier and more suitable for the tastes of customers from India. At the same time, pricing was worked out, which allows restaurants to enter the budget segment.

Based on this, we can conclude that the same business is treated differently in different regions.

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What should be paid attention to during localization

Depending on the country, the localization can be very different – some like red, others blue, some spend most of their time on smartphones, others on computers. All countries have their own needs and views, and this should be taken into account in international mailings.

Communication style

Learn in detail how daily communication takes place in the selected country or countries. For example, in Germany, people prefer a formal style, and letters for them should start with the form of addressing the reader Frau/Herr. People from the US, on the other hand, prefer an informal style of communication, and a simple greeting will do for them.

Seasonal sales

Keep in mind that seasons in different countries may start at different times. For example, winter in Russia and winter in the south of the continent are two opposites for which you need to develop separate mailings with a unique presentation.

Do not forget about the holidays that are in every country. For example, the USA, according to the rules of etiquette, sends greeting cards on the occasion of a certain season, and not a specific religious holiday, since the recipient can celebrate it.

Holidays may vary depending on the country. For example, Father’s Day in the US and Australia are two days far apart.

Used devices

According to Macworld statistics, smartphones with the Android operating system occupy 71% of the European market, and iPhones only 27.95%. At the same time, the situation in the USA is completely different – 50% for each operating system.

At the same time, it is worth considering not only operating systems, but also which device is the most popular in the country – a smartphone or a computer. So, for example, for residents of South Africa, the focus should be on phones, because they spend the most time on them.

At the same time, learn which programs are most used in the territory of the selected country – it can be Gmail, Outlook, Yandex, and so on. For each platform, you should make a responsive newsletter so that it is displayed equally well everywhere.

Perception of flowers

As a rule, users are willing to make a purchase or perform a target action if the color scheme is selected to their preference. Choosing the right color palette for your brand should take cultural and religious considerations into account. If successful, this will have a positive impact on conversions and sales.

Try to localize the color scheme of the mailing for each country. So, for example, the color red in the USA is a symbol of love, and in Germany it is a sign of negativity.

See the chart below for more details on the colors:

Color scheme in culture

In general nowadays, cultural differences can determine the success or failure of marketing campaigns.


How localization of e-mails occurs

Before starting localization, you should work on a communication strategy. It determines how the company will communicate with subscribers, how many letters are needed and what they will look like. In addition, you can make a list of holidays and local infomercials that can be used in newsletters. As a result, there are as many strategies as there are countries that need to be included in the mailings.

The localization itself includes:

  • competitor analysis;
  • writing a new text for the newsletter;
  • definition of a new visual style of letters;
  • professional translation;
  • link replacement;
  • composing and sending a letter to foreign subscribers.

How long it takes depends on you. Some agencies localize up to four letters per day.

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How much does localization cost?

As we have already defined, localization is many different factors. Therefore, it is difficult to name a general cost, but there is an average cost of such services.

Type of service


Reading a text by a native speaker

from $5 for 1000 characters

English translation

from $50 for 1000 signs

The visual part (design, development of the structure, etc.)

from $30/hour

Localization is a rather expensive pleasure, but without this procedure, entering the international market is doomed to failure. The only thing you can save on is the visual part. But professional translation is indispensable. You can, of course, use special online translators, but you are doomed to grammatical, syntactic and semantic errors.

Professional translators work much slower and cost more. However, at the same time, they know grammar, take into account the cultural characteristics and habits of people who speak another language. With them, you will be sure that all aspects have been taken into account – social norms, user behavior, culture and more.

Instead of imprisonment

Localization of email newsletters is a long but fruitful work, thanks to which you can increase sales and show yourself outside the country. Pay attention not only to the country, but also to the regions within it, because depending on the city and location, cultural values, behavior and interest in the product may differ.

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