The law on recoverable fines for “ungrounded” IT companies has been passed


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on fines for foreign IT companies not complying with the requirements of the landing law. It is reported that the amount of the fine will be from 1/15 to 1/10 of the total annual turnover of the company, but not less than 6 million rubles. For repeated violations, the fine will increase to 20%, but will amount to at least 10 million rubles.

According to the law on “landing”, which has been in effect since 2021, foreign IT giants are obliged to create a full-fledged representative office in the Russian Federation. They also need to register a personal account on the Roskomnadzor website and place an electronic form on their website for feedback from Russian citizens or organizations. At the same time, organizations with a daily audience in Russia of 500,000 or more are considered “giants”.

In addition, the adopted document strengthens the responsibility of operators for repeatedly failing to fulfill their obligations to limit or restore access to previously prohibited resources within a year – for this they will face a fine of up to 4 million rubles.

Operators will also be fined up to 5 million rubles for violating the order of installation, operation and modernization of technical means of countering threats to the operation of the Internet in Russia in the communication network, as well as for violating the requirements for passing traffic through the same technical means.

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