Oschad plans to launch two new social networks


Sberentertainment, a subsidiary of Oschad, is preparing for the launch of two new social networks. It’s the Chipz platform, similar to TikTok with vertical videos, and the Punch music creation and promotion app. As Sostav writes, the company has already registered the trademarks CHIPZ and PUNCH, and also secured the domains chipz.ru and punch.ru for them. The platforms are currently undergoing closed testing.

The Chipz application will combine a social network, a content catalog, and a video editor. The target audience of the project is users from 13 to 21 years old, the official release should take place in September this year. The service will combine chips – these are templates using a built-in library of music, movies and shows. It already has the function of video responses to videos. The developers suggest adding here the possibility of creating your own chips and mini-games, as well as maintaining a fund for financial support of content authors.


Image: chipz.ru

Punch is also similar to TikTok, but is positioned as a “mobile studio” for creating and promoting music. The project should be officially launched at the end of July. In the app, users will be able to use ready-made beats, audio effects and a neural network to generate song lyrics based on a few words. It is also possible to share ready-made snippets or leave reactions and comments on other users’ videos.

The development team is managed by former employees of Gazprom-media and Yandex Zena. Earlier, “Gazprom-media” already launched an analogue of TikTok – this is Yappy. At the moment, representatives of the holding claim a monthly audience of 4 million users.

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