How to block a user on Discord


Active Discord users have probably noticed that from time to time there are inappropriate characters on the servers or for some reason spam or even phishing links come into personal messages. Banal blocking of accounts saves from this, which can be done by several methods.

Method 1: User context menu

The easiest method of interaction with any user in Discord is its context menu, which is opened by right-clicking on a person’s nickname. In this menu you will find a list of necessary actions, including the lock button. Limiting the user in this way looks like this:

  1. Find a user in the server member list or their chat messages. Right-click on the nick.Call the context menu to block a user in Discord

  2. Select an item in the context menu “Block”.Selecting an item in the context menu to block a Discord user

  3. You will be notified that blocking will not only result in a restriction on sending private messages, but will also remove the user from your friends list, if they are currently there. Confirm this message by clicking again “Block”.Read and confirm the message to block a user in Discord

  4. You can also call this menu from personal messages by right-clicking on the desired dialog participant.The same context menu in the message list for blocking a user in Discord

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Method 2: User card

Suppose you have already deleted correspondence with a person and do not have shared servers with him. In this case, blocking is carried out through the user’s card, which appears when clicking on his profile. The user can be found through search or in the list of friend requests, if they sent such a request.

  1. If it is a list of friend offers, the list of such accounts is displayed on the tab with the corresponding name in the section with personal messages.Search by friend request to block a user in Discord

  2. Left click to open his account. To the right of the send friend request button will be a button with three dots that you should click.Opening a user card to block a user in Discord

  3. Select from the context menu “Block” and confirm this action.A button in the user card to block the user in Discord

Method 3: Blocking when receiving spam

This method is only suitable in cases where you have received a spam-like message from a member of a shared server or a random user. In this case, when switching to correspondence, three different buttons will automatically appear. The first is for adding to friends, the second is for blocking a user, and the third is for sending a spam complaint. You can complain first and then block this person if you feel it is necessary. If the die is already gone, choose one of the two previous methods to limit the user.

Notification when receiving a message to block a Discord user

Changing privacy settings

Finally, I will briefly talk about what you can do if you regularly receive spam, but blocking such accounts does not help. It is worth looking into privacy and changing a few settings that should help in this situation.

  1. In your profile control panel, click the gear button to open the settings.Go to profile settings for privacy in Discord

  2. Go to section “Privacy”.Opening the privacy settings section in Discord

  3. In it, you will see three different options for scanning personal messages. It rarely protects against spam, but if you choose “My friends are good”then Discord will check messages from unknowns and can block spam automatically.Changed the method of scanning messages for privacy settings in Discord

  4. A more interesting setting is “Allow private messages from server members”. You can turn it off if spammers find you on public servers and send you unnecessary information or try to trick you.Restrictions on receiving messages from members of shared servers for privacy settings in Discord

Now you know how to block users on Discord and protect yourself a little from receiving unwanted messages. Do not forget that you can always report spam or fraud – the developers will check the application and, most likely, block the attacker’s account.

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