Google launches public version of Chrome OS Flex


Chrome OS Flex is a lightweight version of the operating system designed for older computers and laptops. Previously, the corporation provided access to it at the request of the user, but now anyone can quickly download it.

Google introduced Chrome OS Flex this winter and positioned the new platform as a replacement for macOS and Windows on older PCs. Chrome OS Flex uses cloud technologies and is based on the code of the original Chrome OS.

As the advantages of Chrome OS Flex, Google notes fast deployment and simple management, proactive protection and installation of updates in the background. And the Chrome Enterprise license will give access to the built-in capabilities of the OS. The Community also has a review of the alpha version of Chrome OS Flex: how the OS behaved on a 12-year-old laptop and what functions were tested in the case.

Chrome OS Flex can now be installed on supported models – the company has published a list of certified devices and noted that the OS will be able to work on PCs outside of this list, but Google does not guarantee stability and functionality. For more information about Chrome OS Flex and system installation, see Help.

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