Avito launched a calculator to estimate the market value of smartphones


The Avit private ads service has added a smartphone market value calculator. If a seller bids within the suggested range, their ad will be marked with a “Market Price” icon.

The calculator in the Avit service will allow users to find out the optimal price of a smartphone, and then sell it more profitably and quickly. That means people won’t have to put in the effort to monitor similar ads if they want to sell their device.

As iXBT writes, in order to estimate the cost of the phone, you will need to enter three parameters into the calculator – this is the region of residence, the condition of the product, as well as the manufacturer’s brand. After specifying the last characteristic, a model selection box will be added, as well as fields for specifying certain characteristics, such as color or the amount of built-in memory.

The market price of the car As soon as all the parameters are filled in, it remains only to click on the button “Find out the price”, after which the optimal price range of the smartphone will appear on the screen. This range is determined on the basis of price lists for the last 12 months for similar models in the Avito service. Moreover, at first, ads from the same region are taken as a basis, and if there are not enough of them, then from neighboring ones.

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