The development of 5G in Russia is frozen


This is with the departure of leading equipment suppliers from Russia, and even the impossibility of using the appropriate frequency range due to its occupation by power agencies.

Recently, the State Commission on Radio Frequencies announced the provision of 24.25-27.5 GHz millimeter band frequencies to communications operators from 2023. Experts believe that these bands are more suitable for setting up private P5G networks and can only complement 5G mass use in places with the need for maximum bandwidth.

For fifth generation communication networks, the “golden band” from 3.4 to 3.8 GHz will be optimal; it is used by power structures in Russia. Despite the presence of test zones, none of the operators received a license for the commercial launch of the fifth generation network.

Also, the problems of 5G development are related to the termination of Russia’s cooperation with the main suppliers of telecommunications equipment, such as Cisco, Ericsson and Nokia. Huawei also stopped responding to supply requests, but did not officially announce the layoff. Business Petersburg reports that in this case even parallel import will not help.

In addition, the regulator will allow the launch of 5G only with the use of domestic equipment. Earlier attempts to create it in Russia were made by Rostec. In February 2021, it developed individual components of the first domestic LTE-Advanced base station. At the same time, serial production has not been established, the price is unknown, and foreign components are used in the design.

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