MTS plans to replace Booking and Airbnb in Russia


The MTS company bought 100% of the “Bronevyk” group, which includes an online accommodation booking service and a software developer for the tourism business. The amount of the deal is not disclosed.

According to Telecom Daily, “Mobile Telesystems” is developing a new tourist destination based on the subsidiary company MTS Travel. It is planned that the service will provide services for booking hotels, buying airline tickets, renting transport, renting goods for active recreation, ordering excursion services, etc. The company plans to occupy the niche of Booking and Airbnb, which have left the country, as well as expand the scope of activity to other travel services, creating an ecosystem for all-in-one travelers.

Armored car 35,000 real estate objects and more than 3,000 settlements are represented in the “Bronevyk” group database. According to the “Kontur.focus” database, in 2021, the revenue of “Bronevik Online” LLC amounted to 1,566,000,000 rubles, and the net profit was 2,470,000 rubles. The revenue of Armored Company LLC (software developer) was 460 million rubles, and the net profit was 177.6 million rubles.

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