How to make money from advertising and not lose the website audience: analysis of cases


The owner of any site can earn additional income by placing display ads on the pages if there is enough traffic. However, if there are too many advertisements and they are excessively intrusive, users may stop visiting the site, and the owner will lose earnings. On the other hand, by neglecting extensive monetization opportunities, the publisher is also missing out on potential revenue.

In order to understand where the golden mean is, it is better to study specific examples of advertising placement on sites of different orientations. It is such cases that he considers on the air Serhii Samonin, CEO of RTBSape programmatic platform. On the basis of these analyses, practical recommendations are given regarding the optimal placement of advertising formats and increasing income without harming the main content of the site.

Effective placement of advertising on sites

Viewers of the previous broadcasts send more and more requests to the RTBSape team asking them to analyze their sites. Therefore, the fourth ether is fully devoted to the study of monetization of resources specified by users.

July 14 at 2:00 p.m on the Sape YouTube channel see the new release analysis of media advertising placement on various websites. You will learn:

  1. Is it possible to effectively monetize a commercial site where there is no content.

  2. How to increase revenue from advertising on a news resource.

  3. Ways to place media advertising on the freelance exchange.

Using practical examples, we will consider exactly how site owners earn from placing media advertising, find out what should be paid attention to first of all and how to increase income.

The new broadcast will be interesting:

  • site owners who doubt that their resource can be profitably monetized through advertising;

  • webmasters who take the first steps in monetizing their sites and plan to make it a significant or even the main source of income;

  • experienced publishers who want to learn more about other people’s practices and methods of making money from advertising.

Do you want to earn more from advertising and at the same time keep the audience of the site? Send your applications for analysis, and we are waiting for new broadcasts!

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