How to install an application in Google Sheets


The Google Sheets web service supports the installation of extensions that add new tools and functions, greatly simplifying the process of interacting with spreadsheets. Each user can create such an add-on and try to upload it to the official store. If the program passes the test, it will be available for download to everyone.

I want to talk about how to find and install extensions.

Find and install the add-on in Google Sheets

First, let’s figure out where this add-on store is located, how to search it, find information about the purpose of extensions and install them. All you need is to create a spreadsheet or open an existing one.

  1. After that, call the menu on the top panel “Expansion”.Opening the necessary menu for installing applications in Google Sheets

  2. Place the cursor on the item in it “Addition” and click on “Install add-on”.Go to the store to install Google Sheets apps

  3. You will be taken to the store, which first displays the most popular apps with a huge number of downloads and good ratings. If you haven’t decided which extension to install yet, you can find different options in this list.The most popular solutions in the store for installing the add-on in Google Sheets

  4. To find an extension by name, use the search bar. In the list, find the application you need and be sure to make sure that it is exactly what you are looking for. Read the reviews about it and pay attention to how many people have downloaded the extension.Using the search bar to install apps in Google Sheets

  5. On the page of such an add-on, general information is usually left with a description of what this tool can do, how to interact with it, and what recent changes have been made. Read this information to understand exactly why you are installing the selected program.Read the general information for installing applications in Google Sheets

  6. At the end, it remains to click on “Install”to start the process of adding the selected utility to your account.Button in the store to install apps in Google Sheets

  7. Confirm all permissions and select the account you want to install the app for.Confirming permissions to install the add-on in Google Sheets

Other extensions present in the store are installed in the same way. They differ only in the set of permissions they require during installation. If you suddenly see something suspicious that can violate your privacy, read the reviews about this extension again, look at the ratings and the number of downloads.

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Running and using applications in Google Sheets

You may have already noticed that there are too many programs and each one has its own purpose. Therefore, it is illogical to describe the process of interaction with everyone, you received a ton of unnecessary information. I will dwell only on the general principles that you need to know after you have installed the Google Sheets application. All such extensions will be displayed in the same menu as a separate list. To choose one of them, move the cursor to the item and read the available options from the menu. You can run extensions, edit selected formulas, or update results if this doesn’t happen automatically.

Calling the interaction menu after installing the add-on in Google Sheets

Often, when the extension is launched, an additional menu with control elements appears on the screen. Usually, the calculation range is inserted there, the text is formatted, and the formulas that apply to this application are created. How to interact with this window should be written in the general information of the add-on.

Window after launching the add-on in Google Sheets

Disabling and removing add-ons

In conclusion, I will tell you what to do if you need to disable the extension in a specific table or in general it turned out that it is no longer needed and it is better to remove it so as not to load the iron. All actions are performed literally in a few clicks:

  1. Expand the already familiar menu “Expansion”hover over “Addition” and select an item “Configure add-ons”.Go to the list of installed extensions in Google Sheets

  2. You will be taken to a separate window with a list of all installed programs. Select the one you want to edit and click on the three dots at the top.Opening the management menu of the installed extension in Google Sheets

  3. You can now remove the extension or disable its use in this document.Remove or disable an extension in Google Sheets

  4. When deleting, do not forget to confirm the action by selecting the appropriate option in the message.Confirming the removal of the extension in Google Sheets

You’ve got the basics on how to find and install add-ons in Google Sheets. All that remains is to find the necessary application or familiarize yourself with the assortment in the store to choose options that will make working with spreadsheets more comfortable or allow you to implement what could not be done with the help of basic functionality.

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