How to make a list inside a cell in Microsoft Excel


Formatting text inside cells in Microsoft Excel is one of the tasks that many users find difficult. The actions required for its implementation are in many respects not similar to those performed in standard text editors. This also applies to the formation of a list within one cell. Fortunately, you only need to know one setting to quickly get the hang of it and move on to the next step with your spreadsheet.

First, I suggest you pay attention to how the text inside the Excel cell is formed by default. It is always one line without carriage. If you set additional settings, the text can automatically wrap down when the cell width limit is reached, but this is not suitable for creating a list.

Familiarity with standard formatting for creating a list in a Microsoft Excel cell

You can now insert the required content from external sources into the cell, and then start making the changes that will be demonstrated below.

Creating a list inside a cell in Excel

The next setting, which is to change the cell format, will work for just one field, or for several if you want to create lists in different cells. Follow the instructions to deal with it and complete the preparation.

  1. At this stage, I advise you to immediately stretch the cells in height and width so that they contain the future list. This is done by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the edges.Stretching a cell to create a list in a Microsoft Excel cell

  2. Then select all the cells in which the lists will be located, or leave only one selected if it is a single list.Selecting the required area to create a list in a Microsoft Excel cell

  3. Right-click in any convenient place and select an item from the context menu “Cell format”.Go to format settings for creating a list in a Microsoft Excel cell

  4. A window will appear in which you must specify the format “Textual”so that the rest of the settings correspond to the necessary ones.Choosing the appropriate format for creating a list in a Microsoft Excel cell

  5. Go to the tab “Leveling” and for the parameter “Reflection” tick the item “Move text”.Activate settings to create a list in a Microsoft Excel cell

After that, apply the changes and close this window. You can start editing the list for each cell that has been prepared.

  1. Each line is moved by pressing the keys. Alt+Enter.Using a keyboard shortcut to create a list in a Microsoft Excel cell

  2. You need to move each number in the list with this combination to achieve the desired result. As a result, the list will be approximately the same as it is presented in the following image.Acquaintance with the result of creating a list in a Microsoft Excel cell

There is nothing difficult in setting up such Excel text formatting. In fact, it is enough to activate only one option for the cell format, then proceed with the necessary changes and create a list. At the same time, it can be both numbered and marked with various signs. You set them for each item yourself, so there are no restrictions on this.

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