In addition to MTS, VK and Rostelecom are bidding to buy ivi


In mid-May, the shareholders of the online cinema ivi announced the search for buyers for their assets. At the moment, they are claimed by MTS, VK and Rostelecom.

The first possible buyer of the assets was MTS – at the time of the announcement of the sale, the company had allegedly been negotiating a potential deal for several months. Other players have recently joined the deal.

As Rozetked reports, the negotiations are still at an initial stage. Now the main goal of the shareholders is to collect as many offers as possible and choose the most promising option from them.

VK is currently developing its flagship asset: social networks and content and media services. Since they do not have their own online cinema, this purchase will be very appropriate. As for Rostelecom, they have their own Wink service, which is combined with However, even with their merger, the total market share will be 12% compared to ivi’s 21%.

Experts have estimated the online cinema at about $1.2 billion. Its shareholders include Baring Vostok, RTP Global, Flashpoint and VTB.

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