Data Driven approach in promotion and optimization of SEO costs


The digital market continues to change rapidly, promotion budgets are redistributed through new channels based on audience migration. How to advance in the new reality? What tools to use? And how to optimize budgets?

Let’s talk about it July 15 at 2:00 p.m in a joint webinar by Links.Sape and CoMagic “Data Driven approach in promotion and optimization of SEO costs”.

Experts Oleksandr Shestakov and Levon Sargsyan will tell you how to make data-driven decisions and show you life hacks for optimizing your promotion spend.


Levon Sargsyan – Product Manager CoMagic, MSc HSE Innovation. Topic: “How to build meaningful and manageable marketing.”

  • Challenges and benefits of data-driven marketing.
  • Audit of the situation in marketing. Plans and problems.
  • Basic steps for building a culture of working with data.
  • Multichannel analytics. How to evaluate the real effectiveness of advertising

Oleksandr Shestakov is the product manager of Links.Sape. Topic: “How to optimize the SEO budget”.

  • What needs to be done before starting work on SEO.
  • 7 tips on how to save the budget.
  • We evaluate the effectiveness of SEO.
  • Sape customer cases.

The webinar will be useful:

  • Marketers and representatives of agencies – you will be able to review your strategy and immediately implement new approaches.
  • For SEO specialists and link builders, you will learn life hacks for optimizing promotion budgets.
  • Business owners will see how to evaluate the effectiveness of a promotion strategy based on data.

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