What to do if the Discord bot is offline


Bots are a popular type of integration used on almost every Discord server. However, not all such utilities function correctly after their addition. Sometimes the bot is not displayed online, so it does not respond to user commands and does not perform its duties.

There are several reasons for the appearance of such a problem, which I propose to deal with further.

Reason 1: Robot authorization failure

This is an unpopular reason, because in most cases jobs are always successfully added to the server and immediately appear on the network, that is, ready to work. However, the authorization check will take literally a few seconds, so I advise you to pay attention to this aspect first. Find an inactive bot in the list of server members and click on it with the left mouse button.

Opening the member control panel to check the functionality of the bot in Discord

The member control panel will be displayed with information about him. If there is a button “Add bot” or “Authorize bot”click on it and go through the same steps again, related to the selection of the server and confirmation of granting the integration the necessary rights.

Re-authenticate to test bot functionality in Discord

You may not need to restart Discord, as the changes should take effect immediately. If after several repeated attempts to authorize through this panel, the bot still did not work, proceed to the analysis of the following reasons and methods of solving them.

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Reason 2: Incorrect integration work

In Discord, a bot is considered an integration and starts working immediately after being added. Of course, for this it must be displayed on the network. If you have a problem, try to check the integration and, if necessary, remove it completely and re-add it to the server.

  1. Find an inactive bot in the members list and right-click.

  2. Select an item from the context menu “Integration Management”.Go to integrations to test bot functionality in Discord

  3. Find out what rights are granted and what are not. Ensure that the integration has the necessary level of access to remain active and execute user commands. If this is not the case, open the roles section, select a specific role for the target bot and grant it the necessary rights.Check integration access rights to check bot functionality in Discord

  4. If everything is fine with access, but the integration still does not work, remove it completely using the button in the same window.The button to remove the integration to test the functionality of the bot in Discord

  5. Confirm the deletion and add the bot to the server yourself, just like you did the first time. You can try to find it through another bot hosting site or find the official site to choose the latest working version.Confirmation of removal of integration to test the functionality of the bot in Discord

Reason 3: The bot is broken or disabled by the creator

Once added to the server, the bot is not your property and depends on the creator. The creator can disable it temporarily or permanently or take the bot offline for troubleshooting. The easiest way to check the current status is through various platforms where people can leave feedback about the work of specific robots.

  1. I will not recommend a specific platform for hosting bots, as there are dozens of them, the most diverse and proven. Open any where the bot you installed is located. Find it through the search to open the integration page.Search on open platforms to check the functionality of the bot in Discord

  2. Find fresh reviews and read what users write about the job. If it is not you who encountered its non-working state, then the cause of the problem is directly in the integration, and only the creator can fix it.Reading feedback on open platforms to test the functionality of the bot in Discord

If the bot has an official site and support contacts, you can write to the creator directly and ask what is currently happening with the integration. Most likely, you will receive a comprehensive answer that will help you understand the current situation.

Reason 4: A problem with Discord

Suppose, when reading reviews and after contacting support, it turned out that everyone’s bot works correctly, only yours is not online. This happens quite rarely, but can be caused by malfunctions in Discord itself. This can be fixed in three simple steps.

  1. Open the utility “Perform”using a standard keyboard shortcut for this Win + R. Enter in the search field %appdata% and confirm the transition along this path.Go to local files to test bot performance in Discord

  2. A list of folders to search among will open Discord and delete this folder.Deleting local files to test the functionality of the bot in Discord

  3. Be sure to terminate all program processes via “Task Manager”after that, restart the messenger and check if this helped to fix the problem with the operation of the bot.Completion of processes to verify the functionality of the bot in Discord

Some users recommend cleaning the trash on the computer or reinstalling Discord. You can do this if none of the above has helped, but I don’t see the relationship between these actions if other bots on the server are functioning correctly.

Most often, the problem lies with the creator of this integration. Maybe it’s fixing the problem right now, and you just have to wait for the bot to work again.

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