How to check email database for validity


The effectiveness of email distribution depends on the validity of subscribers’ addresses. A valid email is an email address that actually exists and is assigned to a specific person.

Special services are used to check validity, which will be discussed in today’s article.

Why and when validation is needed

There are two reasons for using validation:

  1. Delivery. When subscriber addresses exist, delivery is increased. This, in turn, improves the reputation of the sender and reduces the likelihood of getting into spam.
  2. Saving. The validity check will detect non-existent addresses – you will not need to pay for them in mailing services.

The validation process itself will be useful when the subscriber base was formed very recently or has not been used for a long time. This is especially useful for cases where the database is collected without Double opt-in – double confirmation of subscription. Or when the addresses in the database are older than 1 year, but there were no newsletters for them, or you have already sent a newsletter and in the statistics you see more than 10% of non-existent addresses.

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The best services for validation

Before proceeding to the overview of popular resources, it is worth saying about their general advantages. Here’s what you can check with their help:

  • syntax – errors in writing addresses;
  • duplicates – repeated email addresses;
  • spam traps – an address used to detect fraudsters;
  • disposable mailboxes – no one ever checks such mail;
  • business addresses – corporate e-mails, from such addresses there is often a high rate of complaints and unsubscribes;
  • SMTP communication with the recipient’s server – shows whether the email account actually exists;
  • the activity of the subscriber – whether he is currently using his mail or not.

This is far from all the functionality of the services presented below, but this list alone gives an idea of ​​the peculiarity of this approach. In general, let’s see which resources are better to use to check the database for validity.


MailGet List Cleaning

Service for checking email database for validity MailGet List Cleaning

First on our list is MailGet List Cleaning. This is an online tool designed specifically for those who use corporate mail. The database is loaded into the program using CSV or Excel files.


  • Hard Bounce – determines not only whether the letter will be delivered, but also provides a detailed report on many other indicators;
  • removing duplicates;
  • blacklisting and graylisting;
  • 9 levels of list filtering with special attention to syntax errors, domain checks, spam traps and so on;
  • checking the MX record;
  • email syntax checker.

Cost: $4 for 1000 addresses

Official page: MailGet List Cleaning


Service for checking email database for validity Mailvalidator

Mailvalidator is a full-fledged platform for studying the validity of the subscriber base. It offers two types of verification: express verification for email addresses with a known mailing history and full verification for all others. The list of addresses can be downloaded as a file or via an API connection.


  • fully Russified service;
  • there is a one-month trial period for checking five lists of addresses;
  • personal recommendations for improving the quality of the contact base;
  • visualized reports of verification of email addresses in the form of graphs.

Cost: 0.35 rubles for 1 address

Official page: Mailvalidator


Service for checking the validity of the Pabbly email database

This is one of the most popular email validators, which claims that its clients will only send emails to verified recipients. The service itself allows you to reduce the error rate by removing invalid and fake addresses.


  • search for addresses with keywords and high-risk TLDs;
  • sending requests slowly for more accurate results;
  • syntax cleanup;
  • risk-validation;
  • removal of addresses with complaints;
  • search for non-working domains;
  • removing duplicates.

Cost: $5 for 1000 addresses

Official page: Pabbly


Service for checking the validity of the email database QuickEmailVerification

QuickEmailVerification is another paid service with a free trial. It will be useful to check the database without double opt-in or with a lot of typos. Each user is given the opportunity to check up to 100 addresses daily.


  • a large selection of tariffs – you can pay for the number of verified addresses or take a monthly subscription;
  • supports several formats for downloading the database: CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX, ODS;
  • integration via API;
  • free tools available to all users: single email validation, DNS record check, DMARC record creation wizard.

Cost: $8 for 1000 addresses

Official page: QuickEmailVerification


Service for checking the validity of the email database MillionVerifier

This is one of the cheapest services you can find on the market. It provides concise reports, but with correct validation results. After verification, a short table with a diagram appears in the interface.


  • each user is provided with a free verification of 10 addresses + 200 after confirming the phone;
  • integration via API;
  • live chat support even on a free plan.

Cost: $29 for 10,000 addresses

Official page: MillionVerifier

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MailboxValidator service for checking the email database for validity

MailboxValidator is a validator with the ability to check the configuration of MX records. All you need to use the service is to upload your list of e-mail addresses in text or CSV format.


  • the original system of numerical assessment of a contact, which divides all contacts into 3 types: active, conditionally valid and invalid;
  • the contact base of 100 addresses can be checked for free within 30 days;
  • you can check up to 300 API addresses for free every month.

Cost: $19.95 for 1000 addresses

Official page: MailboxValidator

Spotzee Email Verifier

Spotzee Email Verifier is a service for checking the validity of the email database

Spotzee Email Verifier is a service that is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. Its main advantage is that a twelve-step verification mechanism has been developed on the platform, which guarantees the complete safety of the sender.


  • check for duplicates, non-working domains, spam traps, addresses with complaints and top-level domains;
  • Bulk Email Validation API;
  • built-in database of spam traps.

Cost: $4 for 500 addresses

Official page: Spotzee Email Verifier


Service for checking email database for validity Mailfloss

Mailfloss is a validator integrated with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Ontraport, ConvertKit, Aweber and Active Campaign. This allows you to run a validation check through these services with just a few clicks.


  • syntax verification of e-mail addresses;
  • MX record validation;
  • deletion of business addresses;
  • removal of disposable and temporary addresses;
  • removal of spam traps and contacts from which complaints are often received;
  • daily cleaning of the base.

Cost: from $17 per month for 10,000 addresses

Official page: Mailfloss


Service for checking the validity of the email database BriteVerify

BriteVerify is the simplest validator that allows you to work according to the drag-and-drop principle. For example, a list of contacts can be moved to the inspection window with a simple drag and drop. For convenience, it is possible to connect an API to check email addresses for validity in subscription forms.


  • syntax checking;
  • you can find out the contacts who receive many complaints;
  • the ability to identify suspicious domains and disposable email boxes.

Cost: $80 for 10,000 addresses

Official page: BriteVerify


Service for checking email database for validity Xverify

The last service we will talk about is Xverify. It is a multidisciplinary system for validating B2B and B2C, physical email addresses and phone numbers. It has the ability to connect APIs for validating addresses in subscription forms and other places where contacts are collected.


  • instant information about which email accounts are unsafe to send to;
  • drag-and-drop loader or FTP access;
  • checks take place in the cloud and on mobile devices.

Cost: $0.01 for 1 address for a base of up to 5,000 recipients

Official page: Xverify

What to do next

After removing all invalid addresses from your database, you can start a new mailing. However, it is not worth doing this right away, since many subscribers may have already forgotten about you.

It is better to start by sorting the database by the time of adding subscribers. This way you can get a new database of addresses of those users who joined you recently. Make a newsletter for such people. And those who have been with you for a long time – for them it is better to create a separate newsletter with a reminder about the company. Such subscribers should be stimulated, for example, by giving them a pleasant bonus.

This process is called resuscitation, and this is how it is better to do it:

  1. Choose addresses with the date of the last shipment – it is best if the mailing was less than a year ago.
  2. Next, select older addresses and also send them a resuscitation mailing.
  3. Select the next segment of 2 to 3 years and send emails to them.
  4. Repeat the steps until you have gone through the entire subscriber base.

Also, don’t forget the statistics after validating the addresses. There is a good chance that many users will complain about you after a long pause. In this case, you need to analyze everything and take appropriate measures, for example, you can temporarily stop mailing for a certain segment.


One of the key points in checking the validity of addresses is the use of the Double opt-in method, the essence of which is double confirmation of mail. This will protect your mailing from invalid addresses and make it the most effective.

If you did not have the double confirmation method connected at the time of sending, you should check the email database for validity. To do this, use the services we talked about. Yes, you will have to spend a little, but such a contribution will improve the mailing and bring additional income.

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