VK will start warning about suspicious interlocutors


The VKontakte social network has implemented a function of alerting about suspicious interlocutors in the messenger. It is implemented in the form of a message that will appear in a new chat or conversation. And a special algorithm will determine dubious activity. This was reported by the company’s press service.

In the VKontakte messenger, at the beginning of a conversation with suspicious interlocutors, a special banner with a button will appear above the correspondence. When you click on it, you can send a complaint or add a person to the black list. After that, the chat or dialogue will be removed so that the person does not click on dangerous links.

VKontakte will warn about suspicious interlocutors in the messenger

Image: vk.com

The function works in the mobile application, while it will cover not only dialogues and chats with strangers, but also those created by friends. While it is available only to some users, soon everyone will be able to use it. This update is part of the global VK Protect initiative, which combines technological solutions to protect VK services.

Previously, the mobile application had warnings about unwanted phone calls, which protect people from spam, fraud attempts and other dubious calls. This is possible thanks to the use of an automatic number locator based on intelligent algorithms and Big Data.

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