In Sberia, they decided to “replace” chips from old plastic cards into new ones


This option will make it possible to survive the shortage of chips, and, as the bank explains, only non-activated cards that have not been taken away by customers will be used for this. This is reported by TARS.

At the international conference on payment security, Oschadbank spoke about its solution to the problem of the shortage of chips. To do this, it was proposed to reimplant chips from old cards not activated by customers, which remain in banks, and insert them into the new plastic produced. The specialists of the emission centers will completely remove the data from the chips and transfer them to the card manufacturer, who will be able to reuse them.

According to Sber, 375,000 such unclaimed cards accumulate in branches per month, while the cost of a chip for one card is 5 euros, and the cost of reimplantation is 1.3 euros. In the future, the new solution will save the bank 1 billion rubles.

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