How to attract customers to the site without investments: 15 effective ways


Financial investments in advertising a newly created web resource can pay off, so the question becomes urgent for its owner: how to attract customers to the site without investments.

Let’s consider ways that will help in promoting your Internet project and attracting visitors without unnecessary expenses.


Use SEO promotion

In order for potential customers to see your site on the first page of search results, you need to choose the right key phrases. You can find promising requests, for example, using the Yandex.Vordstat service.

To attract buyers to the online store, keywords must correspond to the objects of sale. It is necessary to create a portrait of a typical client, determine the interests of the target audience, and place texts containing selected key phrases in the main sections of the site and on the blog.

This method is long-term: the result may be noticeable after several months, but SEO is an effective way to promote your site to the top so that you are noticed by future customers.

Try to regularly update the content and analyze the collected semantic core. Key phrases that bring the maximum conversion should be used more often, and queries that do not bring visitors can be safely rejected. To collect statistics, you can use such tools as Yandex.Metrik and Google Analytics.


Publish quality content

In order for a commercial web project to be successful, it is necessary to fill it with interesting, useful for customers and unique content.

If your task is to attract customers to an online store, post case studies with illustrative examples on the site, tell success stories, share life hacks directly related to the use of the offered goods or services, publish reviews of popular products and new products in your product niche. Write texts and articles in a language understandable to the reader, avoid complicated terms, scientific terms, dry technical style.

Provide the text with thematic images, insert links to videos, add real photos or screenshots. All goods in the store catalog must be illustrated so that the buyer can see them in all details and from all angles.

Video will tell about the product more effectively than text and static photos, so it makes sense to shoot videos about the offered products or services.


Show openness

Openness to customers always benefits the business, which inspires the trust of customers. Place on a separate page of the site – “About the company” or “About us” – information about yourself, place documents related to your company, publish photos of the office and employees, tell about implemented projects.


Keep a blog on the site

Keeping a corporate blog is a powerful tool for attracting CA. However, counting on the flow of customers makes sense only after posting several dozen quality articles. What you need to pay attention to when preparing content for the blog, we have already touched on the description of 1 and 2 ways of attracting customers. Publishing unique articles on the company’s blog will help index the site, allow you to reach a wide audience and introduce potential buyers to the product.


Improve the technical parameters of the site

To attract customers, it is important to pay attention not only to the quality of the content, but also to the technical parameters of the site:

  • Download speed. If the page takes more than 3 seconds to load, there is a risk that the user will move to the next tab. You can find out how to speed up the loading of pages on any devices, for example, using PageSpeed ​​​​Insight. Optimizing pages by removing unused code, improving caching, converting images to another format, removing too heavy files will help increase conversion.

PageSpeed ​​​​Insights service

  • Usability. The easier and more convenient the site is to use, the better. It is necessary to ensure that the customer can easily understand how to find the product, place an order or arrange delivery. You can track attendance, find the reasons for rejection, and identify problem areas using Yandex.Metryka with the “Webvisor” tool built into this service. Analyze the possible scenarios of the visitor’s actions and improve the usability so that the user can achieve his goal with a minimum of actions.
  • Technical errors. If the site has errors in the code, empty pages, broken links or missing meta tags, search engines will lower the resource in the output, which will lead to a decrease in organic traffic. Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console services can be used to check the site for technical errors. Also check how different buttons and options work on the site and fix any bugs you find.
  • Extra elements. Nothing should distract or annoy the customer while using the site. If you overdo it with various banners, pop-ups and other additional details, the visitor will want to leave the page. You should simplify the layout as much as possible and remove elements with which users rarely interact.
  • CTA buttons and order form. Place the buyer’s call-to-action buttons in a prominent place. To make them stand out against the background of other page elements, use contrasting colors and bright borders for design. As for the order form, it should contain the minimum number of fields and have no distracting elements. It is also worth providing hints on how to fill it out.

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Communicate with the audience

To attract traffic to the site, I actively interact with the existing audience. This will allow you to retain customers, motivate them to recommend your online store to friends and acquaintances, and help attract new customers.

Place a form on the site for collecting user data: a feedback form or an offer to subscribe to an email newsletter. You can offer a gift or a discount for a subscription.

Ask customers to talk about the online store, offer special purchase conditions to the most active.

Set up auto-forwarding of emails asking to write a review about the purchase, ask the customer to share a comment on the site. Always respond to reviews and comments on the corporate blog. Positive reviews are the best advertisement for your business and a great way to attract new customers. To encourage customers to leave such reviews, you can promise discounts or bonuses for such purchases. Photo reviews are the most effective. In case of receiving negative feedback, try to resolve the conflict situation so that the consumer remains satisfied.

Create a support service or appoint a responsible employee to conduct telephone consultations. Select the most frequent questions of buyers and publish the answers to them in a separate section on the website.

Try to find new ways of contacting the audience, keep in touch with potential buyers through various web resources. The more your company is present online, the higher the brand recognition will be. Find large industry communities where news and articles about the company are posted, become an active user and offer your materials for publication.


Be active in social networks

Create business accounts on social networks where there is a target audience. Competently design the public: create an attractive cap from UTP, place important information about the company and a link to the website of the online store.

Publish useful articles, case studies, posts that encourage you to learn more about the products and place an order, post company news, video reviews, podcasts, photo selections, talk about the work process in the group.

Ask subscribers to share posts of interest to them, answer buyers’ questions in comments and personal messages, send customers to site pages using links.

To attract the audience and increase the activity of subscribers, conduct various raffles, contests, launch challenges, etc.

Active management of a group in social networks, where useful and interesting posts are published, will ensure an influx of potential customers to the online store. On the website of the store itself, buttons with social network icons should also be present in the header, basement or after the text of blog articles.


Engage influencers

To advertise your products, you can attract influencers – bloggers, various opinion leaders. It is easier to negotiate free advertising with microbloggers who have from 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers by offering them a discount on a purchase or a set of products as a gift.

Usually the scheme is as follows: you invite the blogger to test the product and provide a sample. If the product is liked, the influencer recommends it to his blog subscribers by publishing a promotional position. A follower who is interested in the product can go to your online store using the affiliate link and place an order.

As your business grows, you will be able to attract big bloggers and well-known media personalities. You can find suitable bloggers using services such as GetBlogger or Yoloco.

GetBlogger service


Offer Free Buns

To attract new visitors to your site and convert them into real customers, offer something valuable for free or for a nominal price. Such bonuses can be:

  • consultations to attract consumers;
  • free departure of the tester;
  • trial period of use for the online service;
  • master classes that demonstrate the advantages of a product or service, etc.

If you offer a service, divide it into several steps and offer one of them for free to demonstrate the expertise of the specialists. Samples and test samples can be created for products. It is also worth trying to give some accessory as a gift, adding it to the main order, to attract the buyer with inexpensive locomotive products.

Various promotions are also effective ways to attract customers:

  • send discount coupons by e-mail or in messengers;
  • combine several products in a package so that together they cost less than separately;
  • create personal samples for specific consumer segments;
  • use loyalty programs with crediting of points for purchases, which the customer can exchange for discounts or gifts for subsequent orders;
  • carry out promotions with a time or number of positions limit;
  • offer customers a bonus for registering new users who clicked on a referral link;
  • If you work in a niche characterized by high demand, a good option to attract buyers is gift certificates.

All these methods will help to increase sales and promote the spread of information about your online store in the network.


Create a channel on video hosting

Create a channel on YouTube or RuTube, record and share interesting, useful and informative videos, adding a link to your site in the description. For example, if you sell equipment, you can review models from your online store catalog, talk about the advantages of products and the features of their operation in a video, test the operation of devices on a camera. After watching the video, the potential buyer will no longer doubt the feasibility of purchasing the offered product and will most likely want to place an order.


Add the site to directories and online directories

Add links to your site in all the major web directories, as well as community and industry online directories, so that as many users as possible learn about your store and the products you offer. Such sites attract a significant amount of traffic, they are trusted by search engines.

It also makes sense to add your organization to the catalogs of Yandex.Maps, Google Maps and 2GIS mapping services. Specify the location of your company, the website address, write down the addresses of the delivery points, indicate the location of the office.

Adding an organization to the 2Gis directory


Communicate on thematic forums

Internet forums are suitable for advertising highly specialized products. You can place a link to your web resource in the signature, then when communicating on the forum, all participants in the conversation will be able to see your site. The method works more effectively if you have managed to prove yourself on the forum as an expert.

Forums are easy to target, and they are good sources of external links that give your site additional privileges when ranking organically.


Offer free training

Free training in the use of sold products is another good idea to interest the buyer. After the purchase, the consumer will not have to spend time studying the functionality of the purchased product. By educating the client, you will become an authority in their eyes, gain trust and push them to think about buying.

Hold a master class where you can demonstrate all the advantages of your product or service. At such events, there is a high probability of a spontaneous purchase. You can also attract customers to your site by holding online webinars.


Publish in the media

Publications placed in various online publications, industry or news web resources will help increase the recognition and authority of the company, attract organic traffic to your site, help warm up potential customers, and also increase the company’s citation index and increase the site in search results.

Analyze media, content platforms and communities, identify issues of interest to your target audience, choose an appropriate topic, and create quality content. When writing it, your company’s employees can act as experts. Offer an article for visitors, provide a link to your site. On some resources, it is possible to start your own column or blog.


Practice partnership agreements

Enter into an affiliate agreement with another online store with a similar target market or audience that is not a direct competitor. Share content with a partner, place advertising materials on both sites that generate a flow of traffic to each other’s resources, organize joint events and webinars. So you will save the budget for advertising and significantly increase sales.


We looked at 15 ways to attract customers to the site and increase conversion without resorting to unnecessary expenses. Test different options and choose the tools that will show the best result. As your business grows and your income grows, in addition to the free methods, you can add paid advertising to increase the effect.

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